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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

One Year Blogging Anniversary!

Today marks one year since my little space here has been up! I can’t believe it has already been a year since I started my journey in the blogging world. I can definitely say that I have absolutely loved every part of it and I’m so excited that I finally decided to start Miss Southern!
I never imagined that I would truly love blogging as much as I do. When I began this page I said I would be happy if just one person read and if I touched just one person in some way. I chose my launch date based on my trip to Haiti last summer. I traveled to Haiti at the end of May first of June last summer to share God’s love with the kids and people of Haiti. I knew, without a doubt, that I wanted to be able to document my experience and also share it with as many people as I could. So three of my first few posts were Haiti recaps found here, here and here. To this day those three posts are still a few of my favorite posts I have written.

I was blown away by the blogging world before I had even launched my page. I began following Bri at Swashbuckle & Flow after being paired with her for a blogging Christmas ornament exchange and then we began following each other on twitter. This is where she saw that I was going to Haiti and taking any donations of new socks and underwear for the kids when she contacted me. She used this as a teaching lesson for her kids and they colored pictures and mailed me donations for me to deliver to Haiti. I was in awe that all the way from Minnesota donations were arriving to Oklahoma for children is so much need in Haiti…all because of blogging! I received the package from Bri and her kids and thought wow, I haven’t even started truly blogging and felt that already several were going to be touched because of the blog world.
Meeting Lauren in Park City...not sure why the guy angled this when he took it.
Since then I have been able to meet a couple of blogging friends while traveling. I met Lauren at Lot48 while in Park City, Utah and just met Karli at September Farm while having dinner in Boise, Idaho! And let me tell you, it is SO fun to meet in real life after reading each other’s posts for so long. There are countless others that I haven’t had a chance to meet yet but have definitely made an impact on my life.

A few other things I love about being a part of the wonderful blogging community includes: the fashion side of it, I love seeing great finds that have allowed me to score great deals or try out great products that otherwise I probably would not have heard about. I love reading inspirational posts that often times speak to me at the perfect time, especially when the writer is completely transparent. So guys if you are a blogger and are thinking about posting something that might be a stretch for you, you never know there might just be that one person that needs to read your post today! I feel like I have been that one reader several times. I also love how it brings women together. Ladies don’t lie, it’s no secret that sadly we as women are known for bringing each other down more than lifting each other up. I think it can be so different among us ladies in the blog world. It’s great to see a community of strong women come together to help another woman that might be struggling with a rough patch in their life, have questions about a newborn baby or even when we are searching for that perfect pair of skinny green pants and BAM another woman has our back! Lastly, I get so excited for each email I receive from a company asking me to do a review…of course send me fun stuff and I will talk to you up! That part has been really fun for me!

Just for fun here are a few fun facts about my blogging experience:

The first blogger I started following:
Jessica at Little Baby Garvin- I started following her page a few years ago and have been hooked ever since! It is kind of funny because Jessica now is mostly a mommy blogger and I have no kids, not even a dog, but I absolutely love her page!
A Few of My Favorite Bloggers Include:
Jessica at Little Baby Garvin also doubles as my favorite blogger along with Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars, April at A. Liz Adventures and Lauren McMullen. Of course I have so many more but these are just  a few.

My most viewed posts:
My Personal Favorite Posts:
All three of my Haiti recap posts found here, here and here.
When my best friend had her third baby, Beckham: Life as of Lately
My nephew was born: Announcing Cyrus Tyler
Comparison as a Thief
It has been a great year and I am so thankful for all of you that continually read and support me at Miss Southern! I am very happy about my decision to start this creative outlet that lets me connect to you, my lovely and dear readers! I never could have guessed what impact this would have on my life. Here’s to the very first anniversary of Miss Southern, a year in which I’ve done so many awesome things which I’m incredibly grateful for!


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