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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Staple Outfits

As the temperatures rise and are starting to flirt with triple digits I limit my clothing as much as possible. Ok, I'm not walking around naked over here or anything...but I wish I could! I don't know why but the heat and humidity is bothering me more this summer than ever before. I chose my outfits based on coolness for sure. Here are a few outfits you can typically find me in this summer.

Summer Outfits

 1- I have a dress very similar to this from Target that I couldn't find online. Let's set something straight it's coral, not orange. This girl doesn't wear orange! These floral heels, I'm in love! I almost always wear a dress to work during the summer, cool and comfortable!

2- I spend as much time in the pool, ocean or lake as possible during the summer months. I picked up this floral bikini from H&M (now on sale!) for my Mexico trip and you can find me living in it as much as possible of course on my swan, Swanny!

3- I snagged this uber comfy linen tank from H&M last time I was in Boise and it's one of my favorites. It's thin and breezy and perfect to pair with jean shorts for running errands. These jeweled sandals are from Target and right now you can get them on sale with their bogo offer!

4- Another great find from this embroidered sundress, its flowy and once again cool! I pair it with wedges and have a great cute outfit that I wont sweat to death in for a dinner on the patio.

What are some of your staple items in your closet this summer? Are you beating the heat or is it beating you like it is me? Do I dare to even say I've counted once already how many months until fall...I really don't wish summer away because it is so fun!
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  1. I need that H&M top! Also, lol about the orange!

  2. Love all of these! I want that H&M top and the blue & white dress!