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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Adah has Arrived!

Last Thursday evening Melissa and I were getting ready for dinner in Cancun when she said "Kristen, I think Adah was just born!" We had gotten  a group text with a lot of congrats messages but since we were there the picture didn't come through at first. We both just immediately started crying, tears of joy! Our old college roommate and wonderful friend, Becca, had just become a mom and we were missing it! 
We were scheduled to throw Becca and little Adah a baby shower that following Saturday morning when we got back from the trip but Adah had other plans and that was ok with us! Becca and her husband Dustin had been told that Miss Adah would arrive a few weeks early but to their surprise when they went in for their normal appointment on Thursday morning they were told they would become parents that afternoon. 

 She's gettin' her tan on already and her very first bow!

Adah Elisabeth was born on Thursday, June 4th She is a tiny little precious girl but mighty tall. 

 Our first selfie together

Melissa and I wanted to head straight to the hospital after landing home Friday evening but it was a little too late. We headed up to meet Adah and see our strong beautiful friend first thing Saturday morning. We both didn't think we would be able to since we aren't family but we spent over an hour with her. We even held hands fingers! 

Me, Becca and Melissa...We've been through college, weddings and now a baby together!

God is so very good and I am so thankfully that he is watching over Becca and baby Adah! They are both doing wonderful and won't be in the hospital too long. Aunt Kristen loves you Adah Elisabeth and I can't wait to hold you! Becca, I am so proud of you and I already love seeing you be Adah's momma and Dustin is such a great daddy already! Congrats Becca and Dustin!

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