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Thursday, June 18, 2015

This Girl Deserves a Break! #BreakYouMake with Chobani

Recently Chobani Flips caught my eye regarding a project and campaign they are hosting, #BreakYouMake. Chobani is looking for people that just need a break in life, whether it be a family member, friend, co-worker, your doctor or a local emergency worker Chobani wants to hear about them! Well, I just so happen to have a friend that without a doubt, no questions asked, no one could argue needs and deserves a break! If you know someone deserving of a break and want to also participate you can find more information on the campaign here.

High school classmate and now good friend of mine, Cassie is a true rock star! This girl somehow manages to provide a wonderful home life for her family of seven plus a dog, help run a business, stay actively involved in their church all while being six months pregnant! I mean who could argue that she doesn't deserve a break?

Cassie and her husband Oscar have five boys ranging in ages from six to fifteen which leads to a very busy life for them! All the boys are involved in either baseball, football, karate or basketball requiring Cassie to be constantly shuffling the boys to different practices while she also makes sure they don't miss church, dinner is on the table, the laundry is done, the dog (which is the only other girl in the family besides her self) is fed, her husband Oscar is happy, all homework gets done and her and her husband's company bills are paid. Lets not forget she is six months pregnant and they are expecting their very first girl soon! So on top of all these obligations and tasks she must make time to care for herself and their baby girl.

Cassie is also a part of our monthly girl's night group. All of us girls went to high school together and try to get together every month to catch up and stay in contact with each other. Cassie almost never misses a girl's night, even if she has to leave early to pick up one of the kids or to relieve her husband she always shows her dedication to friends.

Cassie is a God fearing, faithful and devoted follower of Christ. She does such an excellent job, with her husband's help, instilling great morals and values in the boys making sure they grow up to be great men of Christ!

As a woman with no kids, no dog and just a husband to provide for I have true admiration for Cassie. She is a great mom, wife and friend and I cant even imagine trying to juggle all that she does. She loves her husband and kids more than life itself. Cassie, you are an inspiration to me and all women and you deserve a break girl!

This post was not sponsored by Chobani I am only participating in their campaign because I do have a great friend that does deserve a break in life! Who do you know that deserves a break?

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