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Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekending Deep in the Heart of Texas

How is it that when I'm off work I feel even more overwhelmed than at work?! Welp, it might be nine o'clock at night but I'm getting my weekend recap post in before midnight! This weekend was so very fun and I'm pretty sure it was just what my soul needed! Friday after work my mother-in-law picked me and my sister-in-law Randi's mother-in-law Debbie up, got that? sounds confusing, and we headed to Randi's house. We stayed the night with her and her family so we could hit the road earlier on Saturday morning for our fun filled shopping trip to Dallas! It was so nice to have some time to see my nephews and just relax before we headed out of town. Friday evening we had dinner and just played with the boys and visited on the patio until the sun went down.

Bright and early Saturday morning us girls hit the road and headed to Dallas fully prepared to shop until we dropped and that's exactly what we did! We had our lists made, we make sure and stop at all the stores Oklahoma doesn't have so lists are a must have, and shopped and ate our way through the city! We were only in town for about 32 hours but we definitely had a successful trip! It was great to spend some time with these ladies while having so much fun and finding great deals! I failed to take pictures but here are a few we did snap...and yes, we took Randi's selfie stick.


I picked up this hat thinking no way, put it on and fell in love! I can wait for fall to throw it on with a pair of leggings and riding boots! I also made my very first trip to Vineyard Vines and I'm now even more in love after visiting an actual store, it had to be documented! I didn't walk out of Ikea with a makeup vanity table or desk chair but that's ok, just another reason to make a trip again sooner!

We made it back home late last night and I was very thankful to have this week off work when I crawled into bed and didn't set my alarm, bliss! I hope y'all had a great weekend and are having an even better Monday!

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  1. I love shopping trips! I am glad you had a wonderful time and that hat looks great on you! I definitely need to head to our Ikea because I have never been!