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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cooking at Williams Sonoma! - Late Weekend Recap

Seems like a pattern for me lately…Monday comes and I promise myself I am going to get my weekend recap together and posted and then before I know its midnight Monday night and no recap was posted. So, why change it up this week? Let me share what I did this past weekend with y’all.

Friday evening I headed to Edmond, my old college/post graduation, stomping grounds. I had a work meeting in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning so since I was already going to be in town I just went a little earlier to see some friends. Friday evening I had dinner with two of my friends and old college roommates. Becca and her husband are expecting their first child and it was so nice to see her with a cute little bump.  It was great to catch up with the girls, it’s hard to believe we’ve been friends for eleven years, seems like a lifetime! It is very true that you make some of the best lifetime friends in college, I definitely scored with these two. Love them!

Saturday morning, after a very long night of little sleep and a little scare with my cell phone not working I had a meeting for work early that morning. Afterwards I did a little shopping and went to church before I headed back home. I was completely exhausted and thankful that I was just able to relax and watch Netflix some before an early bedtime. Kyle was out of town for a guy’s fishing trip so it was just me and a very relaxing and short evening. 

Sunday morning I felt very refreshed and headed to Utica Square, an outdoor shopping area for you non Tulsans, to meet a co-worker. I got there a little early to grab some Starbucks and shop through West Elm and picked up a couple new spring bowls from Anthropology.  I’m obsessed. I enjoyed walking through all the beautiful tulips before I headed over to Williams Sonoma to meet my co-worker Amy for a cooking demonstration. 

Did you guys know that every Sunday Williams Sonoma puts on different cooking demonstrations? Each week is a different class and they are free, you just have to make a reservation ahead of time! They are more of a demonstration rather than class but just as fun. Anyways, this week the demonstration was titled “Brunch Entertaining”. The chef used Williams Sonoma’s Belgian waffle mix and put together a waffle bar, bacon, amazing scrambled eggs and sunrises. Her scrambled eggs were out of this world and I can’t wait to try out the recipe. 

She used eggs, a little milk, chopped scallions, thyme, oregano, melted butter, mild cheddar cheese and salt & pepper. They were so delicious with the oregano and thyme, they are definitely being made in my kitchen for our next breakfast! The class was a lot of fun and you also get ten percent off anything you purchase afterwards. I think my mom, sisters and I are going to try and go again soon!

The rest of the afternoon I spent working off that bacon at the gym and grocery shopping. It was a pretty great weekend and Monday came way too soon. But luckily this is a short week for me and I’m off Friday so come on Thursday! I hope y’all are having a fabulous week!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites...Lots of Spring Faves!

Happy Friday y'all! I'm sorry for being a little MIA this week on this little space of mine. This week was crazy busy and I've been just a little thrown off lately. So, despite my busyness of getting ready to head to Oklahoma City for the weekend, part work part fun, I have some pretty great favorites I wanted to show y'all first!
ONE:: Lilly Pultizer at Target
Y'all have probably heard about the collaboration of Lilly Pultizer with Target but its getting close! After viewing the look book I know I will be online as soon as its released on April 19th. This is a limited time collaboration, just like they did with Toms so act fast ladies! This cover up is the first time going in my cart, I'm dying to have it!!! The shorts are going in right behind it, I'm completely obsessed with the pom-pom look right now. Eeek, can't wait!
TWO: Spa Station
Thanks to Amanda over at Meet @ the Barre I've found the spa station on Pandora and I'm already obsessed. It makes me feel like I'm relaxing at a spa getting a massage and is great for setting the mood of relaxation.
THREE:: Oklahoma Tornado with God
Welp, tornado season has officially arrived in Oklahoma. Wednesday evening the Tulsa area was hit with four tornadoes and Moore was hit with yet another one. If you remember Moore, Oklahoma was the town that was hit by the F5 in May 2013. Moore is said to be the dry line point for tornadoes to form so those people are very used to experiencing natural devastation. Thankfully all my friends and family are safe. Anyways, this picture above was shot in Moore after the tornado whipped through part of the town. As you see the power line is split in two but somehow continues to float in mid-air in a cross formation. Many of us Oklahomans believe that this is God showing his presence in the midst of yet another devastation for the town. It brings tears to my eyes every time I stop and look at the picture. Our God is so amazing! So, here is to a strong state pulling together again to brace for another tornado season.
FOUR:: Jeweled Sandals
Jeweled Sandals

 Clockwise : ONE//TWO//THREE//FOUR
Ladies, have you picked up a pair of jeweled sandals this season yet? I'm loving so many pairs its hard to pick one. I know these will be a staple in my spring and summer wardrobe and I can't wait to snag a pair. These are a few I have my eyes on. Target is having buy one get one half off on their shoes so two and three might be coming home with me very soon!

FIVE:: The Market at Guthrie Green

If you live in the Tulsa area I just heard about Guthrie Green's new Thursday night Farmers Market. Every Thursday from April 23rd until August they will be having a farmers market from 4-7 PM at The Market. It will offer a variety of fresh and locally grown produce, breads, herbs, spices and more. I can't wait to check it out!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! XOXO

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekending Casually

This weekend was glorious. Low key and relaxing with mostly perfect weather. What more could I ask for?! Friday evening I ran some errands and was super exciting and cleaned our floors, woohoo! haha No really, it was exciting. Only because I had been looking for a good wood floor cleaner and finally settled on Bona and I have to say, I'm impressed. I got the mop style and they look pretty good now. Of course, I was not that crazy and did not take pictures...just to spare you guys.
Oh to top off the super exciting Friday evening, I painted my nails. And oh my goodness this is definitely my favorite polish right now and I can see it staying that way for awhile. Lucky Lucky Lavender, I'm obsessed!
Saturday my sister Amber and niece Jada and I went to lunch and did a little bit of shopping. We had planned to spend more time outside but the weather wasn't quite as perfect as we had thought it was going to be. It was a fun afternoon but sadly I still didn't find an Easter dress or a birthday dress. Ah, I'm running out of time!
I spent the rest of the day running errands and making some festive Easter sugar cookies. Kyle loves just plain sugar cookies with vanilla icing so I was definitely representing trophy wife status when he got home from his fishing tournament.
This bunny stand was definitely one of those "I love it, I have to have it right now!" purchases. I'm trying to figure out how I can justify leaving it out year round....
The evening was capped off with a bit of Netflix and well of course the cookies.
Sunday was oh my goodness beautiful and we took complete advantage of it! After church we hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant downtown and enjoyed lunch on the rooftop. PS: this is Kyle's drink cause believe it or not I am STILL having major tooth issues and STILL on antibiotics. Yes, today marks 1 month, 1 week and 1 day. Do not get me started.

After lunch I wanted to go to Swan Lake and feed the ducks. Kyle had never been and this is such a special memory I have of my grandma. She used to take me all the time when I was little to feed the ducks and I absolutely loved it. I hadn't been in years and when we pulled up I was saddned to see that they had fenced off the entire lake pond. After getting out and starting to walk we noticed signs warning not to feed the ducks or fish any longer. Well, dang it! I was super bummed and the visit wasn't near as memorable as I had hoped. But, it was a nice walk.
The rest of the day we just enjoyed being outside. I spent the majority of the afternoon on my hammock with pink lemonade in one hand and a book in the other. That evening we finished the great weekend off grilling dinner. Sad to see my last "free" weekend go but it was good while it lasted. Happy Spring y'all!
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: It's Spring Y'all!

It is finally here, Friday y'all! Pat yourself on the back, you made it! AND happy spring!! Let the sun shine, the tulips bloom and all the bright wardrobes come out! It's currently another dreary Friday morning here but tomorrow the sun will show itself! In full spring fashion here are my favorites this week.
ONE:: Sultra Bombshell
 I promise I have clothes on!
A few weeks ago I entered to win a new curling wand from Sultra on Instagram and I won!!! I've been wanting a new wand and I knew I was just going to love the Sultra Bombshell. I was able to pick any item of my choice and I picked the one inch wand and ta-da it was at my doorstep just a few days later. Thanks Sultra! I love how my curls are bouncy and loose now but still hold even with my fine hair.
TWO:: These Cuties
My nephews and my sister in law came into town one evening and it was so good to see these cuties! Cyrus is getting more of a personality for sure and Brecken is growing like a weed, seriously my sister and brother in law are going to have a big grocery bill! Love these boys!
THREE:: Boxwood Wreath
I have been dying to have a nice boxwood wreath on our door for the spring but can't seem to find a good deal. I was eyeing this one at Target but of course only sold in stores and sold out in all stores anywhere remotely even close to me. I'm still wondering why this isn't an item Hobby Lobby has picked up by now. So, ladies do you have a nice artificial boxwood wreath? If so please share where you found it. Thanks ahead of time!
FOUR:: Go To Smoothie
My go to smoothie lately has been half of a frozen banana, handful of blueberries, fresh spinach and flax seed. I add in a little unsweetened almond milk and a few ice cubes and mmm delicious breakfast or when I am craving a sweet treat. Over the winter I kind of got out of the smoothie making habit but in the past couple weeks I've had my blender out every day.
FIVE:: Spring Wardrobe Picks

I'm dying to have a pair of bright green skinnies for this spring and I'm asking for your help again ladies, have you seen a good cute pair?! I should've bought the Pixie style at Old Navy last year cause now they of course don't have the green in. And how adorable is this floral cardigan found here at Target. I might being pulling the trigger on this one this weekend. I'm really loving all the fun spring arrivals coming to the stores, I want it allll!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I am definitely looking forward to mine. This is the last weekend for me without any plans for a couple months so I will be soaking it all in, including all the sunshine! XOXO


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Monday evening I whipped up some St. Paddy's day cupcakes to share with friends, co-workers and family yesterday. I had seen this decorating idea floating around Pinterest and headed right to the store for a box of Lucky Charms.
I decided to go with a key lime cupcake and a cream cheese whipped cream icing...I never said these were healthy cupcakes! I cheated and picked up a box of Betty Crocker key lime cupcake mix but I'm a big believer in homemade icing. I just can't go back to store bought after I know how homemade is oh so delicious.
1 boxed key lime mix
(ingredients as shown on box: 3 eggs and vegetable oil)
Cupcake liners of choice
1 8oz package of cream cheese- softened
1 cup white granulated sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1-1/2 cups heavy whipping cream, cold
Make batter and bake as directed on box
Put your mixing bowl and whisk attachment that you will use for your icing in the freezer for thirty minutes.
Cream together sugar, cream cheese, salt and vanilla on medium speed until thoroughly mixed. About three minutes.
Slowly add your whipping cream and turn your mixer to high speed and whip until stiff peaks form. About five minutes.
I used a piping bag and large star tip to ice but you may use whatever is your preference.
Once your cupcakes are completely cooled you can began frosting.
Keep your cupcakes chilled.
Top with Lucy Charms right before serving.

And just because he is just too cute not to share, my nephew Cyrus showing off his green yesterday!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Recap...a Little Late!

This weekend was spent half working and half having fun but the second half made up for the work part. However, not going to lie, real ready for this Friday already! It was too good not to share so a little late but I wanted to share. Anyway, Friday afternoon I headed to Oklahoma City to get ready for a dinner meeting and a meeting on Saturday as well. It was a very rainy day here so it made it even harder to be working on a Friday evening but good news, I made it!
I stayed at the Skirvin in downtown OKC that evening. Usually I'll stay with a friend any day before a hotel when I'm down for work but the Skirvin is just too nice not to stay at. After a great dinner and a OKC Thunder win my best friend picked me up for a quick drink. I had a very early morning on Saturday but I couldn't turn down a margarita and a great chat with my best, Melissa!
After working half the day Saturday and very little sleep the night before I was totally exhausted but not enough to not have some fun! I hit up a few stores that we don't have in Tulsa in search of the PERFECT dress for my birthday coming up. Girls, any recommendations on places to look?
Afterwards, I was so excited to go see my baby Bleeker!! Look how handsome he looks in his little tie and lookin' fresh with his new cut!
Melissa and I then headed for some much needed pampering and got pedis. I can't tell you what color this is cause apparently this salon mixes their colors, umm what?! I'm totally against this. But, I was pleased with how it turned out. Ready for spring! And please, please overlook the huge bags under my eyes...even a filter couldn't fix this one! After a little more shopping I headed home and capped off the night with Kyle having pizza and in bed by ten o'clock. We were both dead tired since he had also had very little sleep and fished in a tournament that day. Which he got second place in, on the way to being a professional! ;) Good job, babe!

Sunday after church we ran a couple errands and then headed to Brookside. Kyle could eat a burger everyday and we both wanted to sit out on a patio for lunch since the weather was gorgeous so we decided to try Hop Bunz. They specialize in burgers and have a decent selection, less than we had expected however and was pretty pricy. Our burgers were pretty tasty and we split an order of fries and onion rings, had a couple drinks and very much enjoyed the patio! So, it was almost worth the pricy ticket!
Afterwards we stopped into a locally owned store that we had seen on Discover Oklahoma, Ida Red Boutique. If you are a Tulsan or traveling through, definitely stop in!

The boutique sells lots of locally made products, nostalgic candy and many "hard to find" unique items. I was so close to grabbing a few candy "lipsticks", candy cigarettes and Zotz!
I refrained but Kyle is a sucker for sweets and picked up a few goodies. We enjoyed the sunny seventy-five degree weather and walked Brookside for a bit before we headed to our next spot to visit that afternoon.
Next up, the Big Blue Whale located in Catoosa, Oklahoma. The Blue Whale is a roadside attraction located right on historic Route 66. I had passed the whale many times but we had never taken the time to stop and actually see the historic icon.
The whale was built in 1972 by a man named Hugh S. Davis and was originally an anniversary gift to his wife and a fun treat for his four grandchildren. The whale was open to the public until 1988 when Hugh was then in bad health and unable to maintain the area. At the time you were allowed to swim and dive off the tale but now Big Blue is only an icon that you can enjoy walking across or fishing from.

If you look closely you can see me hanging out on the tale...end.

Just a tad bit of Oklahoma history for ya. If you are interested in the whole historical story of the whale you can read more here. We were glad we took the time to stop and explore a part of Oklahoma's history.
On the way home we stopped for ice cream on the riverwalk. We walked along the river and enjoyed the last bit of our day date. I ended the evening with soaking up the last bit of sunshine at home on the hammock. It was a very busy weekend but a good one! Clearly Monday followed up the weekend with being just as busy so, sorry for the late recap.
Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all!
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