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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Neutrals: From Summer to Fall

Fall Neuturals

Now is the perfect time to start purchasing "neutral" items that you can wear now, but will transition well into fall. Tomorrow in my eyes is the start to all things fall - booties, light scarves and fall handbags. I start with the basics: a white top for layering and wearing with scarves, and some really good skinny jeans that will tuck into booties. I'm loving this scarf, and this one is less than $30! I'm also going to go ahead and incorporate fall booties into my wardrobe (I love them paired with shorts and dresses too). I bought these Vince Camuto booties during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I am OBSESSED. I can't wait to pair them with so many outfits now that fall is only three short weeks away!


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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Perfect Southern Outfit: A-Line Lemon Skirt

I came across this lemon a-line skirt on Amazon a couple months ago and knew I needed to have it in my closest. I had seen a Dolce & Gabbana version of the skirt for $450 and once I found this one on Amazon for $20 I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough!

I love the lemon print, to me it is just so classy and southern looking. I will say I got a medium in the skirt and wish I would've sized down to a small. It is a lot of material and hits further down than I would prefer.

I'm a big fan of the show Hart of Dixie and secretly so is Kyle so of course every time I wear this outfit Kyle, my sister and everyone that loves the show refers to me as 'Lemon Breeland'. If you aren't familiar with the show it is set in a very southern town BlueBell,  Alabama and Lemon is one of the main characters. This skirt looks like something she would for sure wear if not design. I'm ok with it!

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekending: Foodie Style

This weekend was pretty laid back and relaxing and I loved every minute of it. Friday evening I got my nails and toes painted the brightest shade of pink I could find to go out of summer with a bang! After a quick dinner and a few errands Kyle and I called it an early night with Netflix. 
Saturday me, my little sister and a friend hit up a local food truck festival. This little piggy was so excited because we all know some of the best food comes from food trucks! There were about twenty different trucks serving delicious meals and treats, live music and lots of vendors. I had buffalo sauce fries first {insert heart eyes emoji} and then I topped off lunch with two tacos because well if tacos are available they will always be my number one. It was a pretty toasty day so after stuffing ourselves and walking through the vendors we headed out. We then shopped through some local boutiques downtown before heading home. 

That evening Kyle and I wanted to go somewhere new for dinner and decided on the White River Fish Market in Tulsa. It has been in town since 1932 and we had never been! It is a complete hole in the wall, smells of fried fish before you even step foot in the restaurant and the parking lot was packed full so we knew it must be good! A little overwhelmed with the choices and feeling a little overdressed in my Rodillo Hi wedges but it was very good! Tulsans, have you been before? 

Kyle played golf yesterday and I just got ready for the week with boring errands and made cabbage soup for my lunches this week. 46 calorie lunches, lord help me. I will post an update on this next week. 
Because I can't not share this, look at this cutie! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Favorites: Five of My Favorite Fall Cardigans

Oh hey Friday! Today I'm itching for Fall, even though I just shot a super cute summer outfit yesterday to share with you guys next week. However today is a new day and all I want today is fall! For my first Friday favorites in a hot minute I am sharing five of my favorites for the upcoming season.

Must Have Fall Cardigans

I scored one, the BP Open Front Cardigan during the Nordstrom Anniversary and I can not wait to style it soon! I'm waiting for September first because in my eyes its game on then! Bring on the booties, cardigans and everything pumpkin spice! Four is on clearance for only $18 at Target!

What are some of your favorite fall staple pieces? Have y'all found any cardigans that are must haves that I should scope out? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Soakin' Up the Last Weeks of Summer

Y'all, I blinked and it seems as the whole summer passed by. Isn't that how every summer goes, a little too quickly. As we slowly start to close the door on summer and head into the very beginnings of fall I thought I would share a glimpse of what our summer evenings look like. As well as what I am hoping to still squeeze in before the air turns crisp and the sun sets a little earlier. 

Ever since we got Haddock he has given us even more motivation to keep moving in the evenings. We like to give him some sort of exercise as many days as possible whether that is with a simple walk through the neighborhood, a trip to the dog park, a stroll down riverside or a quick trip to the filed behind our house to play with his cousin (my little sister's pup). 
Monday night we chose to get in some exercise by the river since it was a beautiful evening! We picked up snocones and then headed to the trail. There is a local snocone stand that I am trying to get in as many of the flavors off their special menu before summer ends. Sadly this was my last one because they closed shop and headed back to school. 

The last of my summer bucket list:
1. Make homemade popsicles
2. Have a picnic lunch
3. Go swimming!
4. Go hiking at Turkey Mountain
5. Spend an evening fishing (Will be Haddock's first lake experience)
6. Go to a Driller's baseball game
7. Attend a food truck festival
8. Sunday brunch on a patio
9. Attend an outdoor yoga class
10. Get a mani/pedi with a hot pink color!
11. Spend a few nights relaxing on our hammock 
12. Have several more dinners grilled out
13. Take Haddock on a few more dog park trips
14. Go bike riding with Kyle along the river
15. Wear as many sundresses as possible before I trade them all in for yoga pants!
Cheers to the last few weeks of summer!   
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Where to Stay in Park City, Utah: Montage Deer Valley

If you are planning a trip to Park City, Utah or have ever thought about it then today's post is for you. I'm lucky enough to get to visit Park City about four times a year and absolutely love it! Being from Oklahoma it is so nice to get away to the mountains and dry air, goodbye humidity!  Park City is located just about 40 minutes from Salt Lake City and while it is for sure a great ski destination it is also just as beautiful in the spring, summer and fall!
Located just up the mountain from the center of Park City is Deer Valley which is where the Montage is located tucked away within the mountain. This summer makes my fourth stay at the Montage and I must say it is absolutely perfect! The hotel is a great choice if you are looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or hosting a group. 

A soon as you arrive at the Montage you are greeted and whisked away through huge doors parting to the lobby with ushers that magically already know your name. You will be walked straight to your room where you will be checked in via iPad right in your room. It really is a wonderful and luxurious experience that sets the hotel apart immediately. 

I've had a chance to stay in several different types of rooms at the hotel and have never been disappointed. Each room provides a beautiful view, top amenities and a very cozy atmosphere. I have always stayed at the Montage in the summer months which is a wonderful break from the Oklahoma heat. It is typically in the low forties overnight in Deer Valley during the summer so my favorite thing is snuggling up in the plush AMAZING Montage robes provided in the rooms right next to the fire for a relaxing evening...of course right after a warm bath. Side note, I loved the robes so much that the amazing staff left a robe complete with my name monogrammed on it for me last summer. I'm telling you guys, they are the best!

The Montage overlooks Park City providing beautiful views that give you a secluded feeling right from your hotel room balcony but also only a five minute drive to Park City's Main Street. The hotel has five restaurants, a lounge, a spa (which I have heard is amazing, I hope to try it out during my next stay) and even a bowling ally! Also, one of my favorite parts, the hotel hosts a s'mores and hot cocoa night every night that is open to all guests. The s'mores bar is truly to die for offering several different flavors of marshmallows and chocolate allowing guests to create their master pieces on open fire. Of course you have to top your dessert off with more dessert, hot cocoa with all of the toppings provided. It is heaven! 

No worries, you can work the s'mores off with a breathtaking hike...literally! All jokes aside, I am from Oklahoma y'all and I am certainly not used to the altitude but I always make sure and get in at least one hike during my visit. The hotel is located within walking distance to multiple hiking trails providing some of the best views of Utah. 

I can tell you firsthand if you are looking for a place to also host a group or meeting, the Montage will not let you down. The conference room overlooks a beautiful view, the catering is top notch and the event staff definitely set the bar high for others in the hotel event industry. By far one of my favorite locations to host meetings, personally. 
So, if you are headed to Park City you must consider booking with the Montage Deer Valley. Trust me, you won't regret it and you might be a little hotel spoiled afterwards...I know I am! 

This post was not sponsored by the Montage Deer Valley nor did I receive any compensation, I just truly love the hotel. 

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Putting a few things out here for y'all today...

One // When I'm nervous I excuse myself to the restroom to escape awkwardness. Like when I'm at an event and don't know a single soul when I first walk in I usually then just go to the bathroom for a second.

Two // I'm HORRIBLE at taking care of my hair. Like embarrassingly so bad. I do almost everything they say not to do. I wash it daily, not only once but most of the time twice a day. I get it cut about every ten months, I blow dry and straighten it daily and I use cheap shampoo and conditioner. BAD, I told you. But today I got it cut yay but sadly four inches, so here is to promising I'll go back for a trim in three months and I'll stop at Ulta tonight for good products...but for now here is a bad selfie in the car after I got it cut and finished crying over it. 

Three // I'm even more excited about the holidays this year than I have been in the past. I'm usually a strong rule follower on not putting up Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving but this year I think they might go up before...and the tree will go up the day after.

Four // We've Haddock for only four months and I literally can't imagine our life without him.

Five // When fashion bloggers post out of season outfits on their social media and pretend like they are really wearing that "cozy chunky sweater snuggled up on the couch" when it is 110 degrees in the middle of the summer and you know its hot where they are. No. I get posting fall previews but don't act like you are literally wearing it when I know they are sweating of a heat stroke.

Six // I'm so scared for the presidential race... let's just say I am not a fan of either candidate and I think we are screwed either way. And no, I am not trying to start a political debate, I am simply saying our choices stink.
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Shots From Life This Week

Welp, looky here it has once again been crickets over here on my little space. I shoot for five posts a week and I'm good to get out one on average. Ah, I'll quit promising because one I doubt y'all even notice and two I'll be honest I don't want to break another promise. Soon I might get better lady and gents!

For now, lets start off the week with a few of my favorite shots over the past week in my life. Lots of our fur baby Haddock, my niece Jada is the necklace making business if anyone wants one she'd be happy to make you a beautiful piece for just five dollars ladies! Lastly, a few snaps of a fun night out with friends last week playing golf and if you missed my homemade peach pie bars, here, I'm still dreaming over them!
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Haddock had his first dog park visit and ONLY wanted to play with his cousin and bff Sadie.

My sister snapped this of Kyle and I and even though I look like a hot mess I still like it. We do like to cook together. 

This is what I rolled over to this morning, melt my heart. 


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