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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Putting a few things out here for y'all today...

One // When I'm nervous I excuse myself to the restroom to escape awkwardness. Like when I'm at an event and don't know a single soul when I first walk in I usually then just go to the bathroom for a second.

Two // I'm HORRIBLE at taking care of my hair. Like embarrassingly so bad. I do almost everything they say not to do. I wash it daily, not only once but most of the time twice a day. I get it cut about every ten months, I blow dry and straighten it daily and I use cheap shampoo and conditioner. BAD, I told you. But today I got it cut yay but sadly four inches, so here is to promising I'll go back for a trim in three months and I'll stop at Ulta tonight for good products...but for now here is a bad selfie in the car after I got it cut and finished crying over it. 

Three // I'm even more excited about the holidays this year than I have been in the past. I'm usually a strong rule follower on not putting up Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving but this year I think they might go up before...and the tree will go up the day after.

Four // We've Haddock for only four months and I literally can't imagine our life without him.

Five // When fashion bloggers post out of season outfits on their social media and pretend like they are really wearing that "cozy chunky sweater snuggled up on the couch" when it is 110 degrees in the middle of the summer and you know its hot where they are. No. I get posting fall previews but don't act like you are literally wearing it when I know they are sweating of a heat stroke.

Six // I'm so scared for the presidential race... let's just say I am not a fan of either candidate and I think we are screwed either way. And no, I am not trying to start a political debate, I am simply saying our choices stink.
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