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Monday, August 22, 2016

Shots From Life This Week

Welp, looky here it has once again been crickets over here on my little space. I shoot for five posts a week and I'm good to get out one on average. Ah, I'll quit promising because one I doubt y'all even notice and two I'll be honest I don't want to break another promise. Soon I might get better lady and gents!

For now, lets start off the week with a few of my favorite shots over the past week in my life. Lots of our fur baby Haddock, my niece Jada is the necklace making business if anyone wants one she'd be happy to make you a beautiful piece for just five dollars ladies! Lastly, a few snaps of a fun night out with friends last week playing golf and if you missed my homemade peach pie bars, here, I'm still dreaming over them!
I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Haddock had his first dog park visit and ONLY wanted to play with his cousin and bff Sadie.

My sister snapped this of Kyle and I and even though I look like a hot mess I still like it. We do like to cook together. 

This is what I rolled over to this morning, melt my heart. 


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