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Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekending: Foodie Style

This weekend was pretty laid back and relaxing and I loved every minute of it. Friday evening I got my nails and toes painted the brightest shade of pink I could find to go out of summer with a bang! After a quick dinner and a few errands Kyle and I called it an early night with Netflix. 
Saturday me, my little sister and a friend hit up a local food truck festival. This little piggy was so excited because we all know some of the best food comes from food trucks! There were about twenty different trucks serving delicious meals and treats, live music and lots of vendors. I had buffalo sauce fries first {insert heart eyes emoji} and then I topped off lunch with two tacos because well if tacos are available they will always be my number one. It was a pretty toasty day so after stuffing ourselves and walking through the vendors we headed out. We then shopped through some local boutiques downtown before heading home. 

That evening Kyle and I wanted to go somewhere new for dinner and decided on the White River Fish Market in Tulsa. It has been in town since 1932 and we had never been! It is a complete hole in the wall, smells of fried fish before you even step foot in the restaurant and the parking lot was packed full so we knew it must be good! A little overwhelmed with the choices and feeling a little overdressed in my Rodillo Hi wedges but it was very good! Tulsans, have you been before? 

Kyle played golf yesterday and I just got ready for the week with boring errands and made cabbage soup for my lunches this week. 46 calorie lunches, lord help me. I will post an update on this next week. 
Because I can't not share this, look at this cutie! I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
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