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Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Oh man it has been a hot minute since I put together a Friday Favorites post. I'm writing this from my hotel room in Lafayette Louisiana before I have to dash off to a business meeting. I'm really excited about a few items and things going on so I knew I had to crank out a favorites post. As always linking up with some great girls today!
ONE:  Let it Snow
I spent last weekend in Park City, Utah and it was amazing! I didn't want to come back home and I was secretly hoping our flight would be canceled. Spoiler, it wasn't. However, it was a great weekend spent in the beautiful snow capped mountains and I promise to recap the trip on Monday. So, come back for a full post!
TWO: Lindi Skin Products

Have you guys tried any of the Lindi Skin products yet? I recently received the face serum and eye hydrator and have been pleased with both of them. I have super oily skin and it can sometimes be a little sensitive but I've had no negative reactions to the face serum or eye hydrator. I use the serum everyone morning after getting out of the shower and I feel like it starts restoring my skin right away. It is citrus scented so I love the fresh scent in the morning helping me to wake up. It also comes in lavender that I think I will order when mine runs out. Since it is a non-oily product I love that it doesn't contribute to my overly oil skin but I still have refrained from using it after my night showers. Yes, I take two showers on most days and I know some of you will be the first to tell me how bad that is for my skin and hair but I just have to! I workout in the evenings so I can't stand not to shower. Anyways, I try to avoid any extra products on my face at night to try and control the oil buildup. So I don't use the eye hydrator at night either but with my constant bags under my eyes I'm thinking I will try it in the next couple nights since it seems to help with the puffiness. I do love the hydrator in the mornings after applying the serum.


Lindi Face Serum // Lindi Eye Hydrator

Like I said, I've been very pleased with both products and highly recommend them. Lindi Skin products are all made with ingredients that have effective preservatives by design, in order to prevent bacterial growth which keeps your immune system on point which we all need during the cold weather months!
If you are interested in trying Lindi Skin products you can get 25% off today using the code BLOG25 when you check out on Lindiskin.com.
These products were sent to me by Lindi Skin in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 
THREE: 200 Calorie Mini Tortilla Pepperoni Pizza
I am finishing out my fourth week of strictly counting calories and oh my word, I want pizza more than life at this point. It is very odd because I am not normally a HUGE pizza gal but I have been forever craving it this past month. After Sarah posted these 200 calorie pizzas on her snapchat last week I couldn't get the recipe fast enough from her! I made them the very next night and they were a pleaser! It wasn't comparable to the real deal but it definitely satisfied my craving...for three days. Super easy, tasty and a whopping 200 calories these are a must try!  
200 Calorie Mini Tortilla Pepperoni Pizza
1 Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortilla
2 ounces fat free mozzarella shredded cheese
3 tbs marinara sauce
1/4 tsp dried oregano
1 pinch of crushed red pepper
8 slices turkey pepperoni
1 spray of canola oil spray
1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
2. Assemble your pizza by spreading the marinara on top of the tortilla.
3. Add the mozzarella cheese, then pepperoni.
4. Top with oregano and crushed red pepper.
5. Spray very quickly with canola oil spray (a half second spray).
6. Bake for 5-7 minutes, until bubbly and browned.
7. Let sit for 2-3 minutes before eating.
Enjoy! And if you are doing points for Weight Watchers these are 6 points.
FOUR:  Yes Please
After reading from several bloggers how good the audio version of Yes Please by Amy Poehler is I had to try it. I have never 'listened' to a book before but these ladies were right, Amy is hilarious! I knew with these past couple trips coming up I'd have sometime to listen while on the big steel bird. It took me a little getting used to and she's a little crude but I was definitely laughing throughout the whole thing. Recommend the audio version for sure!
FIVE: TKO 4 Way Resistance Band

Like I mentioned I've been counting calories but I have also stepped up my workouts as well. Instead of just maintaining and being in the gym twice a week or so I am now there four or five times a week and really trying to shred weight. However, I will admit it is so much harder to stay on track while traveling. So, I was super pumped to get this TKO 4 way resistance band that was super easy for me to pack for this weekend's business trip. It gave me the extra motivation I needed when I unpacked my suitcase this evening and I ended up in the hotel's fitness center to try it out. I love it! It is so easy to use and has adjustable tension for varied resistance which is great. I really love how convenient it was to just grab and pair it with my normal cardio routine in the small hotel gym. The adjustable resistance gave my abs and core a great workout along with my arms.  

Excuse the terrible pictures, I was alone besides the little girls at the window in the pool area trying to talk to me and make me laugh. They were super cute but not much help with taking great pictures. But you can really see how easy the TKO band is to use here.

This band will for now on be packed with me on every business trip. Great, easy and convenient workout! Also it is less than $13 and on Amazon Prime!
This product was sent to me by TKO in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 
I hope y'all are having a wonderful Friday and have a great weekend! Sadly I will be working most of my mine but on Sunday evening when I get home my brother and sister in law are having their gender reveal party at my in-law's house so I will find out if I'm getting another niece or nephew! Team pink!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beauty Review: Shinny Nails with Emjoi Micro-Nail

Over the holiday break I treated myself to a much needed manicure and pedicure. My nails looked atrocious from all the Christmas hustle and bustle. So my legging wearing, Starbucks sipping self got a little pampering. I will say that I don't normally splurge and get a manicure since I'm weird about wearing colors on my fingernails and I definitely don't splurge on shellac often since it is very rough on my nails. However, like I said it was a pampering day so I got a pretty dark red shellac manicure and enjoyed every minute of it.
Fast forward a week and a half later...the polish was then chipping and left my nails looking like I just got back from war. Ok maybe that is a little extreme but definitely leaving me with 'why did I pay thirty dollars for this again?!' thoughts.

With a business dinner coming up I needed a fix and quick! I didn't have time to leisurely head to the spa because I've sadly traded in my leggings for slacks again. I decided to give my new Emjoi Micro-Nail a try! This little handheld size battery operated nail polisher worked some magic, let me tell you!


I just quickly filed down my nails and then first used the buffing spin attachment over each nail and already I could tell a huge difference. All the chipping and damaged layers were buffed out. I rinsed my hands and changed the attachment for the polishing spinner. 

After a few more seconds my nails were so shinny, I honestly couldn't believe how well this worked. I was somewhat skeptical being a battery operated handheld device but all doubts were quickly gone when I saw the shine it left on my nails. I was so thankful to have great healthy looking nails for my dinner meeting.

Since I did need my shine to last for the dinner I did apply a top-coat to mine but honestly I didn't have to, I just wanted mine to last longer. I highly recommend the Micro-Nail especially for quick fixes yourself. I founded it cheapest at Kohl's for under thirty-five dollars however QVC also carries it but they are currently sold out it looks like. 

Since we are on the topic Emily from The Sweetest Thing just talked about getting her nails dipped in an acrylic formula called SNS. It looks like there is only one spa here in Tulsa that does them but I wanted to see if any of you have had your nails done with it. If so how was it? Does it leave your nails damaged? Let me know ladies!
This product was sent to me by Emoji in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 
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