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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beauty Review: Shinny Nails with Emjoi Micro-Nail

Over the holiday break I treated myself to a much needed manicure and pedicure. My nails looked atrocious from all the Christmas hustle and bustle. So my legging wearing, Starbucks sipping self got a little pampering. I will say that I don't normally splurge and get a manicure since I'm weird about wearing colors on my fingernails and I definitely don't splurge on shellac often since it is very rough on my nails. However, like I said it was a pampering day so I got a pretty dark red shellac manicure and enjoyed every minute of it.
Fast forward a week and a half later...the polish was then chipping and left my nails looking like I just got back from war. Ok maybe that is a little extreme but definitely leaving me with 'why did I pay thirty dollars for this again?!' thoughts.

With a business dinner coming up I needed a fix and quick! I didn't have time to leisurely head to the spa because I've sadly traded in my leggings for slacks again. I decided to give my new Emjoi Micro-Nail a try! This little handheld size battery operated nail polisher worked some magic, let me tell you!


I just quickly filed down my nails and then first used the buffing spin attachment over each nail and already I could tell a huge difference. All the chipping and damaged layers were buffed out. I rinsed my hands and changed the attachment for the polishing spinner. 

After a few more seconds my nails were so shinny, I honestly couldn't believe how well this worked. I was somewhat skeptical being a battery operated handheld device but all doubts were quickly gone when I saw the shine it left on my nails. I was so thankful to have great healthy looking nails for my dinner meeting.

Since I did need my shine to last for the dinner I did apply a top-coat to mine but honestly I didn't have to, I just wanted mine to last longer. I highly recommend the Micro-Nail especially for quick fixes yourself. I founded it cheapest at Kohl's for under thirty-five dollars however QVC also carries it but they are currently sold out it looks like. 

Since we are on the topic Emily from The Sweetest Thing just talked about getting her nails dipped in an acrylic formula called SNS. It looks like there is only one spa here in Tulsa that does them but I wanted to see if any of you have had your nails done with it. If so how was it? Does it leave your nails damaged? Let me know ladies!
This product was sent to me by Emoji in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions are my own. 
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