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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Soakin' Up the Last Weeks of Summer

Y'all, I blinked and it seems as the whole summer passed by. Isn't that how every summer goes, a little too quickly. As we slowly start to close the door on summer and head into the very beginnings of fall I thought I would share a glimpse of what our summer evenings look like. As well as what I am hoping to still squeeze in before the air turns crisp and the sun sets a little earlier. 

Ever since we got Haddock he has given us even more motivation to keep moving in the evenings. We like to give him some sort of exercise as many days as possible whether that is with a simple walk through the neighborhood, a trip to the dog park, a stroll down riverside or a quick trip to the filed behind our house to play with his cousin (my little sister's pup). 
Monday night we chose to get in some exercise by the river since it was a beautiful evening! We picked up snocones and then headed to the trail. There is a local snocone stand that I am trying to get in as many of the flavors off their special menu before summer ends. Sadly this was my last one because they closed shop and headed back to school. 

The last of my summer bucket list:
1. Make homemade popsicles
2. Have a picnic lunch
3. Go swimming!
4. Go hiking at Turkey Mountain
5. Spend an evening fishing (Will be Haddock's first lake experience)
6. Go to a Driller's baseball game
7. Attend a food truck festival
8. Sunday brunch on a patio
9. Attend an outdoor yoga class
10. Get a mani/pedi with a hot pink color!
11. Spend a few nights relaxing on our hammock 
12. Have several more dinners grilled out
13. Take Haddock on a few more dog park trips
14. Go bike riding with Kyle along the river
15. Wear as many sundresses as possible before I trade them all in for yoga pants!
Cheers to the last few weeks of summer!   
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