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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Recap...a Little Late!

This weekend was spent half working and half having fun but the second half made up for the work part. However, not going to lie, real ready for this Friday already! It was too good not to share so a little late but I wanted to share. Anyway, Friday afternoon I headed to Oklahoma City to get ready for a dinner meeting and a meeting on Saturday as well. It was a very rainy day here so it made it even harder to be working on a Friday evening but good news, I made it!
I stayed at the Skirvin in downtown OKC that evening. Usually I'll stay with a friend any day before a hotel when I'm down for work but the Skirvin is just too nice not to stay at. After a great dinner and a OKC Thunder win my best friend picked me up for a quick drink. I had a very early morning on Saturday but I couldn't turn down a margarita and a great chat with my best, Melissa!
After working half the day Saturday and very little sleep the night before I was totally exhausted but not enough to not have some fun! I hit up a few stores that we don't have in Tulsa in search of the PERFECT dress for my birthday coming up. Girls, any recommendations on places to look?
Afterwards, I was so excited to go see my baby Bleeker!! Look how handsome he looks in his little tie and lookin' fresh with his new cut!
Melissa and I then headed for some much needed pampering and got pedis. I can't tell you what color this is cause apparently this salon mixes their colors, umm what?! I'm totally against this. But, I was pleased with how it turned out. Ready for spring! And please, please overlook the huge bags under my eyes...even a filter couldn't fix this one! After a little more shopping I headed home and capped off the night with Kyle having pizza and in bed by ten o'clock. We were both dead tired since he had also had very little sleep and fished in a tournament that day. Which he got second place in, on the way to being a professional! ;) Good job, babe!

Sunday after church we ran a couple errands and then headed to Brookside. Kyle could eat a burger everyday and we both wanted to sit out on a patio for lunch since the weather was gorgeous so we decided to try Hop Bunz. They specialize in burgers and have a decent selection, less than we had expected however and was pretty pricy. Our burgers were pretty tasty and we split an order of fries and onion rings, had a couple drinks and very much enjoyed the patio! So, it was almost worth the pricy ticket!
Afterwards we stopped into a locally owned store that we had seen on Discover Oklahoma, Ida Red Boutique. If you are a Tulsan or traveling through, definitely stop in!

The boutique sells lots of locally made products, nostalgic candy and many "hard to find" unique items. I was so close to grabbing a few candy "lipsticks", candy cigarettes and Zotz!
I refrained but Kyle is a sucker for sweets and picked up a few goodies. We enjoyed the sunny seventy-five degree weather and walked Brookside for a bit before we headed to our next spot to visit that afternoon.
Next up, the Big Blue Whale located in Catoosa, Oklahoma. The Blue Whale is a roadside attraction located right on historic Route 66. I had passed the whale many times but we had never taken the time to stop and actually see the historic icon.
The whale was built in 1972 by a man named Hugh S. Davis and was originally an anniversary gift to his wife and a fun treat for his four grandchildren. The whale was open to the public until 1988 when Hugh was then in bad health and unable to maintain the area. At the time you were allowed to swim and dive off the tale but now Big Blue is only an icon that you can enjoy walking across or fishing from.

If you look closely you can see me hanging out on the tale...end.

Just a tad bit of Oklahoma history for ya. If you are interested in the whole historical story of the whale you can read more here. We were glad we took the time to stop and explore a part of Oklahoma's history.
On the way home we stopped for ice cream on the riverwalk. We walked along the river and enjoyed the last bit of our day date. I ended the evening with soaking up the last bit of sunshine at home on the hammock. It was a very busy weekend but a good one! Clearly Monday followed up the weekend with being just as busy so, sorry for the late recap.
Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all!
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  1. It looks like you are managing work and okay just fine! I need a pedicure bad, thanks for reminding me lol!