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Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend: From Friends to a Small Town Cafe

Whew, today has definitely been a Monday and in full force! Between work, a board meeting and yet another dentist appointment I am just now getting time to post about my weekend. Oh how I miss it already! Right after work Friday I got in line for the car wash along with everyone else in Tulsa...I waited thirty-five minutes! It was crazy and I almost made the news for waiting haha.
I then treated myself to a trip to Ulta and Target you know for making it through the week. And basically cause I have been seriously in love with this gold eared bunny and OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender. I knew I had to have both cause obviously they are both so perfect! So these babies and maybe two bags of Easter M&M's came home with me. The M&M's had to be bought, I had such great coupons it was basically free! Almost. That night Kyle and I just ordered a pizza and hung out at home.

Saturday afternoon I met my best friend Megan and one of her precious boys for lunch. Our weather was gorgeous on Saturday and it had to be taken advantage of! So, after lunch we spent some time strolling Brookside and shopping in the boutiques. It was so good to spend the day with these two, I loved every minute of it! How cute is Beckham's little bowtie?!
Saturday night it was a wild and crazy night at our house! I made this shamrock garland...told you, crazy night! I spotted these foam shamrocks in the dollar stop at Target and just glued them to a ribbon and ta-da! Two dollar St. Patrick's Day garland!
Ok, Kyle and I totally DVR Discover Oklahoma and they always talk about their book of destinations for dinning across Oklahoma. (I realize after this and the puzzle we are almost to the point of five o'clock dinners) Well, I requested one of the books be sent to us. We love to just drive to random towns in our state after church on Sunday's for lunch and to explore so I knew this would be perfect! It came in the mail this week so yesterday we opened it up and hit the road!
We decided to just go a short forty-five minutes from home to Collinsville, Oklahoma. Silver Dollar Café was our destination and as we pulled up to this unique restaurant front I looked at Kyle and said, "Well, they have 150 different types of beer!" The café is located in the heart of their town's old downtown and has a very unique feel.
From farm style tables to arcade games to a type of gift shop it was an experience. The room was filled with mostly either farmers from nearby or families with children begging for tokens to try and win tickets to spend at the counter on a laffy taffy. We ordered and after our stomachs were loudly growling we noticed their sign that noted they don't claim to be a fast food restaurant and to relax. Well, ok I sipped on my tea and Kyle said he felt like he was at Chucky Cheese's.
He ordered a thick smoked pork chop and I settled on a mushroom burger. Our food arrived and my burger appeared to be on a thin cold bun while Kyle was given what was probably two pounds of mashed potatoes. All in all, Silver Dollar Café was an experience but we probably won't be back. We marked the Café off our book and headed home! 
We finished off the weekend with running errands, catching up on laundry and getting ready for the week. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and I hope Monday wasn't too hard on y'all!
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  1. I love the gold accent on the bunny! You did a great job with the garland! Your house is going to be so festive this spring!

  2. Saw the Silver Dollar Cafe Saturday. Used to have one in Bixby. Served a round steak that doubled as a chiken fried steak. Huge. Covered thwhole plate

  3. Aww, what a cute bunny and love the nail color! You're garland turned out great!