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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cooking at Williams Sonoma! - Late Weekend Recap

Seems like a pattern for me lately…Monday comes and I promise myself I am going to get my weekend recap together and posted and then before I know its midnight Monday night and no recap was posted. So, why change it up this week? Let me share what I did this past weekend with y’all.

Friday evening I headed to Edmond, my old college/post graduation, stomping grounds. I had a work meeting in Oklahoma City early Saturday morning so since I was already going to be in town I just went a little earlier to see some friends. Friday evening I had dinner with two of my friends and old college roommates. Becca and her husband are expecting their first child and it was so nice to see her with a cute little bump.  It was great to catch up with the girls, it’s hard to believe we’ve been friends for eleven years, seems like a lifetime! It is very true that you make some of the best lifetime friends in college, I definitely scored with these two. Love them!

Saturday morning, after a very long night of little sleep and a little scare with my cell phone not working I had a meeting for work early that morning. Afterwards I did a little shopping and went to church before I headed back home. I was completely exhausted and thankful that I was just able to relax and watch Netflix some before an early bedtime. Kyle was out of town for a guy’s fishing trip so it was just me and a very relaxing and short evening. 

Sunday morning I felt very refreshed and headed to Utica Square, an outdoor shopping area for you non Tulsans, to meet a co-worker. I got there a little early to grab some Starbucks and shop through West Elm and picked up a couple new spring bowls from Anthropology.  I’m obsessed. I enjoyed walking through all the beautiful tulips before I headed over to Williams Sonoma to meet my co-worker Amy for a cooking demonstration. 

Did you guys know that every Sunday Williams Sonoma puts on different cooking demonstrations? Each week is a different class and they are free, you just have to make a reservation ahead of time! They are more of a demonstration rather than class but just as fun. Anyways, this week the demonstration was titled “Brunch Entertaining”. The chef used Williams Sonoma’s Belgian waffle mix and put together a waffle bar, bacon, amazing scrambled eggs and sunrises. Her scrambled eggs were out of this world and I can’t wait to try out the recipe. 

She used eggs, a little milk, chopped scallions, thyme, oregano, melted butter, mild cheddar cheese and salt & pepper. They were so delicious with the oregano and thyme, they are definitely being made in my kitchen for our next breakfast! The class was a lot of fun and you also get ten percent off anything you purchase afterwards. I think my mom, sisters and I are going to try and go again soon!

The rest of the afternoon I spent working off that bacon at the gym and grocery shopping. It was a pretty great weekend and Monday came way too soon. But luckily this is a short week for me and I’m off Friday so come on Thursday! I hope y’all are having a fabulous week!

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