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Monday, March 2, 2015

Snowy Weekend Recap

Well if you read my post, here, on Friday you read that I was a little worried that the snow storm that arrived here in Oklahoma was going to ruin some of my plans. Annnnd thank you storm for getting here right in time for the weekend. The snow fell and roads got slick so my girls night on Friday evening got canceled. You win some, you lose some. So, what does a girl that is snowed in alone do? You borrow your friend's Netflix password and binge!
Kyle was out doing snow removal and after seeing just the last two seasons of Parenthood I was dying to see the first three. Since my friend says "sharing is caring" I shared her account and started Parenthood season one. Oh my goodness, I now understand while people get addicted. I mean, how can you not when it just starts the next episode for you?! Ok just one more...one more..ok ONE more!!
I wasn't completely alone....I was dog sitting for my little sister. So Sadie and I netflixed it up! And then a little on Saturday morning. Saturday it snowed and snowed all day and since, oh update! my teeth are STILL crappy (day 15 now) I rested and tried to wish the pain away before Saturday evening. That night Kyle took a break from snow removal, which bless his heart he worked 23 hours straight in the snow and ice!!! Poor guy, I felt awful!! BUT he was my sister and I's ride to and from the Miranda Lambert concert that evening, such a sweetie!
It was Caileigh's first real concert and we had so much fun! I love sharing first with people and since I'm a concert junkie I'm so glad I was able to experience that with her. Raelynn opened up with God made girls and then Justin Moore took the stage before Miranda. They all did great and we had a great time!
After the concert Raelynn was doing a meet and greet but every fourteen year old imaginable was in line to see her so I snapped this quick shot when her security was bringing her by. Disclaimer, I would've been right there with the fourteen year olds in line cause I'm a country music freak but Kyle was already waiting for us with our carriage out front.
After sleeping in incredibly and maybe embarrassing late on Sunday morning we spent the day taking our time getting ready. Hey, my excuse was Kyle didn't make it home from working until 6 AM so I was in no way waking him up for church. He needed me to sleep with him... Anyways, that evening we all went to dinner to celebrate my dad and my older sister, Amber's birthdays. I'm telling you guys, I'm the worst blogger ever and completely forgot to take a pic. So sad about this! I did remember to bring my camera but no pics. So, happy birthday dad and sis! I'm so excited I got to celebrate with you guys and love you both very much! I thank God, on the regular, that he gave me both of you. XOXO!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We're now expecting highs in the sixties tomorrow with thunderstorms and back in the twenties and snow on Wednesday. Welcome to Oklahoma, where we say if you don't like the weather stay a few hours...it will change!
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  1. I totally share my brothers netflix account as well ;-) I totally need to watch the last season of parenthood I heard it was so good!

  2. How well I remember the crazy fluctuations in OK weather! Glad y'all stayed safe in all the snow!

  3. First things first...I LOVE your blog header!

    Secondly, since reading this post I am dying curl up in bed with hot chocolate and Netflix! My mom loves Parenthood and watched every season. I am thinking I need to check it out!