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Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: It's Spring Y'all!

It is finally here, Friday y'all! Pat yourself on the back, you made it! AND happy spring!! Let the sun shine, the tulips bloom and all the bright wardrobes come out! It's currently another dreary Friday morning here but tomorrow the sun will show itself! In full spring fashion here are my favorites this week.
ONE:: Sultra Bombshell
 I promise I have clothes on!
A few weeks ago I entered to win a new curling wand from Sultra on Instagram and I won!!! I've been wanting a new wand and I knew I was just going to love the Sultra Bombshell. I was able to pick any item of my choice and I picked the one inch wand and ta-da it was at my doorstep just a few days later. Thanks Sultra! I love how my curls are bouncy and loose now but still hold even with my fine hair.
TWO:: These Cuties
My nephews and my sister in law came into town one evening and it was so good to see these cuties! Cyrus is getting more of a personality for sure and Brecken is growing like a weed, seriously my sister and brother in law are going to have a big grocery bill! Love these boys!
THREE:: Boxwood Wreath
I have been dying to have a nice boxwood wreath on our door for the spring but can't seem to find a good deal. I was eyeing this one at Target but of course only sold in stores and sold out in all stores anywhere remotely even close to me. I'm still wondering why this isn't an item Hobby Lobby has picked up by now. So, ladies do you have a nice artificial boxwood wreath? If so please share where you found it. Thanks ahead of time!
FOUR:: Go To Smoothie
My go to smoothie lately has been half of a frozen banana, handful of blueberries, fresh spinach and flax seed. I add in a little unsweetened almond milk and a few ice cubes and mmm delicious breakfast or when I am craving a sweet treat. Over the winter I kind of got out of the smoothie making habit but in the past couple weeks I've had my blender out every day.
FIVE:: Spring Wardrobe Picks

I'm dying to have a pair of bright green skinnies for this spring and I'm asking for your help again ladies, have you seen a good cute pair?! I should've bought the Pixie style at Old Navy last year cause now they of course don't have the green in. And how adorable is this floral cardigan found here at Target. I might being pulling the trigger on this one this weekend. I'm really loving all the fun spring arrivals coming to the stores, I want it allll!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I am definitely looking forward to mine. This is the last weekend for me without any plans for a couple months so I will be soaking it all in, including all the sunshine! XOXO


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  1. That's awesome you won a new wand. I've tried to use my wand multiple times, but with all my hair and layers it takes FOOOOREVER!

  2. YES all the Spring clothes! I love that Boxwood wreath, I know our Hobby Lobby had some Boxwood stuff (like the round balls for topiaries and such), but I don't remember if they had a wreath of it or not!

  3. Yay for winning... and your hair looks awesome. I love the way you did it with the wand!!!

  4. http://www.save-on-crafts.com/boxwoodwreaths.html

    I used this website to buy boxwood garland for my wedding. It was beautiful!