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Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed a little chaotic and short but still a lot of fun. I’ll include Thursday evening as part of my recap because it felt a little like part of the weekend. After work on Thursday I headed to Oklahoma City to celebrate my best friend Melissa’s thirtieth birthday. We met for tacos, margaritas and cake. It was so good to see my friend Sarah that I hadn’t seen in so very long and it was wonderful to celebrate with Melissa! It was a short trip down but well worth it. After cake and seeing Bleeker for a few minutes I headed back home. Kyle was getting ready that night for his fishing trip to Canada and ladies, you probably know how it is when your husband is packing…he all of a sudden knows where nothing is and needed my help immediately!

Friday afternoon I headed to Sulphur, Oklahoma for a board retreat. The retreat was held at the Artesian Hotel, Casino and Spa and it was wonderful! The Artesian is definitely a hidden gem in Oklahoma that I am so glad I got to visit. I plan to post more about the hotel on Wednesday so, fellow Okies you won’t want to miss that post! 

Anyways, I was at the retreat Friday evening and all day Saturday making it back home Saturday night just in time for a cookout at my in-laws and to go with my sister-in-law to have a few shots taken of my nephew for his 8 month pictures.  A storm had just blown through and when it moved out it left a beautiful backdrop for his photo shoot.  But Cyrus was not caring that there was an amazing double rainbow he was absolutely done with pictures. Little does he know his melt down was still adorable!

Yesterday after church I ran a few errands and then headed back over to my in-laws for a baby shower for Kyle’s cousin and his wife. I’m a terrible blogger and of course didn’t take a single picture during the day. Kyle’s cousin Steve from California has also been in town this week and it has been great to get to know him. We hadn’t met before this week but I’ve told him all about my little space here so he can get to know me and keep up with this side of the family, right Steve?! We ended the weekend with a few rounds of me beating my mother in-law, Steve and Kyle’s Aunt Star in Aggravation and Sorry…Sorry guys!

So all in all even though I worked half the weekend I still made the best of it and had some really great times! I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend yourselves!
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  1. Tacos, margarita & cake? YUM!!! Those pictures of the sky are beautiful!