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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our Christmas Memories

Well hello 2015! I unintentionally took a break from this little space last week but I'm back today to share our Christmas memories. I know, everyone is SO sick of seeing holiday recaps but for me personally I want to share our memories we made. At least the ones I captured. So much thought, planning and anticipation goes into Christmas and then bam its over. Here is our Christmas eve and Christmas day in pictures.
My poor dad was sick but was a trooper through all the festivities. 

My niece and nephew, Trey and Jada 

Kyle and I on Christmas Eve at my sister's house 

My sisters, Amber and Caileigh and I 

Our family, minus Kyle, my brother in-law and Trey and Jada.

Love my parents! 

It has always been a Christmas tradition that my mom makes sausage cheese balls on Christmas morning. This year we were at my in-laws for breakfast so I made them to take to breakfast there.

 My nephew, Cyrus' first Christmas (a little over 2 months here)

 My nephew Brecken's second Christmas. (Almost 19 months here)

Christmas Day/Evening at my parents
We had a wonderful Christmas and were very blessed! I had a little over two weeks off from work and it was so nice to relax, spend lots of time with friends and family and get the house reorganized before starting back in the new year. New Years was very low key this year and I can't say I minded, at all. Kyle and I just went to dinner and then rented Into the Storm. I was actually glad that I knew we were home safe and off the roads....maybe I'm definitely almost thirty. haha 
Back to work yesterday and I'm certainly welcoming back the routine. I loved the time off but I definitely need structure in my life so I'm back and refreshed. Finalizing all my new year resolutions and will be back to share those tomorrow. Hope you guys are handing reality again like myself!
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  1. Looks like a wonderful time, what a beautiful family you have! We were the same for New Year's, we pretty much just stayed in and I was thinking the same thing, glad we're not on the roads tonight!! :)

  2. Looks like such a perfect Christmas!! Girl my mom has ALWAYS made sausage balls for Christmas also! Ugh now i'm craving them! lol