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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Price is Right!

I love a good sale and I really love deals with coupons! As I mentioned I really scored a great deal last week at Target. They offered 40% off their shoes one day only using the Cartwheel app. I ended up finding five pairs for $30.12 total! That’s right, five pairs of shoes all for the price of one pair originally!! I’ve had my eye on the suede black and gold booties and almost bought them for New Years. Then we decided to keep it low key so I passed. Snagged them for $5.48! The booties my best friend picked up for me at her local Target and I just love them! Target does it again.

Have you guys heard of the Find and Save app? This app allows you to put in your location and any time a store in your area posts a deal it will notify you. At first I was a little hesitant because I’m a tad OCD and can’t stand notifications turned on for my apps and I don’t really like to have location services turned on and this app requires both. BUT, I decided to give it a try and I haven’t been disappointed at all. It’s pretty new so not a lot of stores in my area have done it so it’s not constantly going off. I get about four a week on average. The deals last about 48 hours and then expire. How it works… for example this weekend Forever 21 put a deal up spend twenty dollars and get five back. So, of course I love that store and would easily spend twenty there knowing I had been eying a black leather clutch for $9.80.

After five hundred selfies with the self-timer, this is the best I got!
So, Saturday I went and picked up the clutch and this adorable pink ruffled shirt for $12.80. Total $24.16. I then submitted a picture of my receipt on the Find and Save app. immediately received an email saving they have received my submission. Within five business days they will credit my PayPal account five dollars. Ta-da! I would’ve spent the money anyways so why not score a deal! I do not use the deal if I am just spending money to be using the it but if I am planning on going to that store anyways, it is great! You can’t use it on the purchase of gift cards but besides that all mine have been approved for credit.

I recently also got a great deal on this 20 piece Rubbermaid set thanks to Find and Save. K-Mart, which I hadn’t  shopped at in probably twenty years, was having a sale on the set regularly $19.99 on sale for $6.99. I saw this posted by a local couponer on Facebook. Since I knew I had the Find and Save deal I snatched a set up. The deal was spend five dollars get five dollars back, making the set $2.80. Score!

Lastly, the past couple years I have ordered Kyle’s Valentine’s Day card online. I love the quality and being personalized I love them way more than any cheesy Hallmark card. They typically are between three and four dollars personalized and shipped. However, I’ve been lucky and found coupon deals for a FREE card. That’s right, I uploaded a cute picture of us and created an adorable personalized card for free! The deal has now expired but you can use the code “FREEVAL” for just a ninety-nine cent card at Cherishables. Kyle doesn’t read my posts so he’ll have no idea, no spoiler here! BUT just in case, I won’t share the pic of his card.

Do you coupon or do you have any great deals to share? I’d love to hear about anything I might be missing out on?

This post is not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies, I just love the great deals I found!

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  1. Nice finds lady!! Your shoe haul is just amazing too. I'm in awe. haha I'll have to check out that app too!

  2. I need to check out that app!!! THat is awesome I love a good sale :)