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Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekending: One Well Spent

Welcome back Monday, you came so quickly. This weekend was pretty great. I’ve really gotten spoiled to being home and not traveling for work on the weekends…right when travel season starts again for me. I leave Friday for my next trip but as nice as it has been to be home weirdly I’m kind of ready. Anyways, back to this past weekend.

Friday, if you read my favorites post then you saw that Target was having 40% off ALL shoes with their Cartwheel app. The deal was Friday only so of course I headed straight there after work…and then to three more locations after that. What? It was a great deal and I scored some awesome finds. I’ll share what I got soon! Did any of y’all pick up any great shoes? Kyle and I then headed to run a few errands and to dinner. We were planning on going to the movies but I have this cold junk so I was just ready to go home after dinner.

Saturday, since I was trying to kick this cold I slept in a little and cleaned up the house while taking my time getting ready for the day. Kyle left early that morning to go fishing so I was able to catch up on the chores. I then took advantage of a few coupons I had and hit the mall before my girl’s night. I met up with the girls for dinner at Johnny Carino’s. Not my favorite, but I enjoyed the time with friends. I love that we all make time to get together every month!

After dinner Kyle and I went to see Taken 3 and oh my goodness it is SO good!!! We both agreed that it was our favorite of the three. If you are or not thinking about seeing it, see it!

Sunday, after we church we went to see my older sister and her family. Kyle is going to do a remodel for them on their bathroom so I got to see my niece! Afterwards we took an impromptu road trip to Tahlequah, a town about an hour and half away from us. We love to take Sunday drives and drive by lakes and through small towns. We have been to Tahlequah a million times but Kyle needed to buy a lake license on the way so that was our motive for our drive yesterday. 

We stopped into Sam & Ella’s Chicken Palace for a late lunch and early dinner. Not to be confused with salmonella, haha! I’m still not sure why it is called the chicken palace because they serve pizza and sandwiches but nonetheless it is delicious! If you are ever passing through Tahlequah, Oklahoma stop in at Sam & Ella's, anything you order you won't regret! After our bellies were full we headed back home to relax and get ready for the week. 

 On our drive back home, crossing the Lake.
I hope everyone had an amazing weekend is having a great Monday!PS I apologize for the absolutely terrible pictures, but you gotta go with what you have!
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  1. That pizza looks soo yummy!! That's awesome that you get together with your girlfriends every month! Mine are so spread out across the country that it's impossible! Sounds like a great weekend and I hope you're feeling better!

  2. Oh WOW 40% off shoes?? I missed that one, bummer! I hope they do it again! Looking forward to seeing what shoes you got! That pizza looks ridiculously amazing!

  3. i had no idea that taken 3 was so good i want to see it now!! i will go see it tongiht!