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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Motivation...Where are you?!

Well, apparently when the new year said hello my motivation said goodbye. Usually I am just like the majority of people and become super motivated at the first of the year, 2015 well you are different. I lost all sense of motivation in all parts of my life and I'm still unsure why. As I do every year I set resolutions, bigger fitness goals and monthly goals. I can say that I have started several of the goals but at turtle speed. I realize I have blogged once this year and I'm ready to change this slow motivation track I'm on.
So, here I go stepping it up! First of all, I did set a few resolutions. Read twelve books this year, I know this may seem small to some of you big readers but I'm a slow reader and actually can't even be considered a "reader". Last year I set the same goal and fell short by two books, so with a swift kick in my butt I'm trying to finish the last book I started in 2014. I have several books loaded, bought and on hold so here is in hopes I get to them all! Anyone have recommendations for good reads?
My next resolution set is to read the entire bible this year. I also started this one last year and failed, miserably. I got about three weeks in and became bored. With a tip from "Life in the Wilde" I am now reading in the Messenger version and its way more interesting. So far, still on track! Looking forward to falling even more in love with our amazing God we serve!
I used to set two monthly goals to complete and that fell off the wagon sometime early 2014 and I am working on setting and completing those once again. Also, planning a big birthday trip to Cabo with my best friend in June for our 30th birthdays so that brings lots more motivation in the gym area. I can say I have stayed mostly on track with that this year. Thank goodness! I have been a believer that working out is nonnegotiable in life for a few years now but this year I hope to set higher goals to knock out. PS- Anyone have recommendations for where to stay in Cabo? We are afraid of picking the wrong resort.
Here is to blogging more, achieving all of my goals and resolutions and getting a hot body for Cabo!
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  1. Cabo is on my vacation list! I read a book called "Party Girl" I will send it to you if you want to read it. It is a fast easy read and really good. Its about a girl who is a professional party planner. Sounds like we have some similar goals for this year! Cheers to more blogging and meeting our goals!

  2. I seem to have misplaced my motivation too - as soon as I come home from work, all I want to do is put on sweats and sit on my couch. Meh.