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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Age in the Workplace

I was recently accepted into a leadership program were there are a wide variety of classmates in my class. Ranging from all ages and all levels of professional titles in the workplace. During our orientation for the program I glanced around the room, not recognizing a single person, and assuming by quick assumption of appearance I was the youngest or close to it in my class. We all participated in a networking icebreaker which consisted of talking to everyone to find out different characteristics of people, one example "Someone born after 1980." Well, I'm sure you can guess since I am nearing thirty I was pretty popular for this description on the list. I laughed it off not bothering me since well, it is true. However; I found it on my mind later after telling my husband about the evening.
I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in December of 2007 and started a full time marketing position the Monday after graduation. I say this to say I have been working in the professional world for a little over seven years now and have heard several remarks making it clearly obviously that I'm still considered "young in the corporate world." Ok, I understand seven years is not long and a few job titles later I am still young but this brings on the question, "At what age is one not "young" in the workplace?"
Most of the assumptions made of my generation is we are great to head up social media projects, easily roped into working long hours and weekends due to being young and in my case with no children, expect our titles to be handed to us and strive to take over the next generations positions. While I can agree with I do strive to be higher up in the professional world with a corner office, I am not out to take someone's position from out under them. I will work hard for my success and do not except it to be handed to me.
So, as my thirtieth birthday is in sight I am starting to feel a little older. Being in the next age range on the treadmill at the gym and checking that older age range box on surveys...when am I considered knowledgeable and credible in the workplace? I'd like to know what you guys think...both in my generation and outside. Kyle answered this by saying age is relative...do you agree? Let me hear your opinions!
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  1. Age only matters if you let it. A young person may act immature because they don't want to get old. An older person may act old because they think they are supposed to and give in to it. Either instance can be reversed by not allowing yourself to get sucked in.