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Monday, September 22, 2014

Life as of Lately...

I don't even know how to start explaining how busy and ridiculously crazy my life has been this past month. Most days lately it is midnight and I'm crawling into bed and if I didn't die from not breathing I would wonder if I even had time to breathe that day. Many things that make my heart swell and put my mind at ease have been left along the wayside these past three weeks specially. Things like working out, blogging, cooking and time with friends and family.
I do realize that most are busy but dang it I need about thirty five hours in the gym and three hours in the kitchen. Then just maybe my heart will start pattering again.
Anyways, I promise I'm still here and many have asked if I'm gone forever and NO I'm still around! Just give me one more week then I have some breathing time off work and will find my happy place again. In the mean time, here is a little of what has been going on in my life. Besides working lots of hours and many weekends traveling for work.
A couple weekends ago my husband wanted to go fishing, again, so he compromised and said he would do something I wanted to do before he went. Little did he know I'd say hiking! hehehe He survived, being a man that does not workout, ever. It was fun!
 My room view in New Orleans a couple weeks ago did not suck...
While I was gone to New Orleans one of my best friends, Megan had her third precious baby boy. Meet Beckham Anderson. He is seriously so precious...I might be biased but I don't think so...
I couldn't get home and off that plane fast enough to go meet this bundle of perfectness. Megan makes the perfect babies!
I was also home just in time for my dad to be my date to the OU/Tennessee game two weekends ago. I love going to the games with him. He loves every second of gamedays in Norman and that makes it even more fun for me! It was a great game with an Oklahoma win!!
PS, I am loving my new Marley Lilly clutch! I've wanted one so long and it arrived just hours after the season opener game so I was thrilled to have it for this game. I know, the struggle haha
Stripe the stadium looked awesome.
 I love, love, love this picture of my dad and I. Such a great picture of him!
Last week I got to spend a few hours one evening with a couple friends on the river. It was so much fun and I can't wait to get in a few more evenings on the trails before winter hits Oklahoma.
 Yesterday I got back from a work trip in Boise, Idaho. Where I ate at The Fork, my favorite restaurant in Boise, shopped at Trader Joe's and H&M because Oklahoma doesn't have either and worked. Oh, and got us out of a parking ticket in downtown. She forgave me for the expired meter but gave me a lecture on jaywalking after I ran across the street to stop her, just in time!
And now after working over time today, yes on a Monday and yes after working all weekend, I am having a delicious raspberry cocktail! Hey, no judging I work straight until next Monday too and leave for Utah Friday. AHHHH pray for my sanity!
 This took me sitting down three different times to write this but hey, I posted! One week from today I slow down a little at work and I think my mind and body (I haven't worked out more than once a week this whole month) will be ever so thankful! Have a great week everyone! Sorry for the grainy iPhone pics and for the whiny post.
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