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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Late Recap on My Weekend

I know I am a little late with my recap of the weekend but with being off Monday it just has thrown my week off. I had a lot of fun on my long weekend so I wanted to still share. I spent a lot of time with family which is always so nice. 

Friday evening I still hadn't purchased the perfect gameday dress so my little sister and I did a little shopping. We took advantage of several early Labor Day sales and I picked up a few new fall items. A few more than I had planned on it but I definitely couldn't pass them up. A couple new pairs of jeans for less than the price of one at American Eagle and several new fall tops and my favorite of all this tulle dress. I meas, seriously! I've been wanting one for awhile but couldn't find one that didn't make my butt stick out fifty times more than it already does but this one I couldn't pass up. I felt so girly. 

Saturday morning my husband and I left for Norman, home of the Oklahoma Sooners, for the season opener. We live about two hours away and wanted to get there in plenty of time to enjoy the gameday festivities. We met one of my best friends, Melissa, in downtown OKC for lunch then headed onto Norman. 

As I mentioned a few times last week in my posts I am a huge OU fan and football is definitely my favorite time of the year so to say I was anticipating the first gameday of the season was an understatement, I was in crimson heaven! We arrived on campus a couple hours before heading into the stadium and enjoyed campus corner. Which is full of drink vendors, radio shows, shopping, food and fun!

The game was great, hot but great! We won and the guys looked great. I'm trying not to jinks us but I think this is going to a really great season, BOOMER SOONER!

Sunday was a very nice relaxing day. Kyle had to run an early morning errand so I slept in which was much needed after a late night getting home from the game. And by sleeping in I mean like 9:00 cause apparently my body is getting old. Hmph! I then spent the afternoon with my parents enjoy their pool. Lots of great quality time and laughs were had. After a couple errands and going to the evening service at church we just rested. 
Monday, praise the good Lord for a day off work! My little sister and I crashed my parents pool again after I unsuccessfully attempted to help her with a bit of her homework...umm I graduated college several years ago I am definitely out of practice. That evening my nephew Trey is starting quarterback for the 9th grade team and it was his first game of the season. My entire family, minus my husband, went to show our support. We are really excited for this season, Go Jenks!!

All in all it was such a great weekend! I for sure lived it up since this that was the last weekend I have free of work for this entire month. Come on October! Just kidding...I'm not wishing away fall that fast! 
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  1. I stumbled across your blog while I was searching fellow Okie bloggers, and the next thing I know I see a girl from my hometown in a picture! I know Melissa! :) She's a sweetheart. What a small world! xoxo