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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Breathing Again!!

After traveling every week in September I am finally home for a few weeks and starting to get back in the grind of things. I returned home Monday afternoon and took the rest of the week off from work, very much needed. I have no plans but a weekend trip to Dallas and have spent the last couple days with my booty in the gym, cleaning the house, laundry and becoming a normal person again.
Last weekend I was in Park City, Utah and I fell in love with the city all over again. Perfect weather and so beautiful. I thought I'd share some of my trip pics with y'all today.
Friday afternoon after we arrived we had a few hours free from work. My co-worker Amy and I headed downtown to shop around. This town is so adorable and has so much character, I just love it.
I had to take this one for all my fellow Natives. ;)
I also got to meet Lauren from Lot48 and she was just too sweet! I'm so excited that I got to meet her and this was my first blogger to meet since I joined the blogosphere and it was so fun! We met at a local café and just had a short time to chat but it was a lot of fun! Thanks Lauren for driving up to meet me! I also don't know why the guy taking our pic took them at an angle but whatever, here we are.
Ignore my huge puffy eye, I had a stye. Weirdst thing ever and first time to have one but thankfully it only lasted a few days.
Saturday I had to work the whole day but it was OK cause I believe Fall hit Park City that day. It rained the entire day and cooled down to low fifties which felt pretty amazing. I got a couple hours during the afternoon to relax and I ditched the work clothes for yoga pants, cuddled up in my bed while listening to the rain and ate chocolate covered strawberries and watched football, perfect!
Sunday afternoon I was done with work and didn't fly out until Monday morning so I enjoyed the beautiful afternoon with an adventure. My co-workers and I had lunch at a local restaurant Silver Star Café that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives off the Food Network. We enjoyed this amazing view at lunch.

We then all took a ride up the mountain on the gondola. This was my first time riding one and I was as excited as a four year old meeting Mickey Mouse, seriously it was awesome!
Amy, my co-worker and I riding up the mountain.
Crossing the canyon was breathtaking.
The gondola takes you partways up the mountain and drops you off. When you get off there is a lodge, hiking, bike riding and lookout points to enjoy.
I somehow talked Amy into taking the ski-lift further up the mountain with me. Which was only a one way ride, you couldn't ride it back down. You had to either walk or ride a bike but we were told it was less than a mile of a walk and would just take about fifteen minutes...no problem!
Wellllll, once we got up there the nice gentleman told us there was only one trail and we would see it....needless to say after an hour of hiking and knowing there was NO way this was the right trail we met another lady on the trail. She let us know that we were actually hiking the entire way down the mountain and needed to turn around. Amy I'm pretty sure was not loving me and tracked down a truck to take us back to the gondola to catch a ride down. I felt terrible but thought it was pretty fun....Amy on the other hand did not. Oops but it was seriously beautiful along the hike!
After making it back down safe and sound we all went shopping the rest of the day which I'm proud to say I actually started my Christmas shopping, go me!
Sorry for the picture overload but I can't help it, I'm allowing you guys to fall in love with this city with me! I hope to be officially back in the blog world so hope you guys stuck with me!
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  1. I am so glad I got to meet you!!!! You were just as sweet as I imagined!!