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Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday is Back!

I'm so excited that the Five on Friday is back from its Summer break! I'm linking up with these great ladies to share my favorites to kickoff the weekend!
ONE::  New Monogrammed Clutch
I have had my eye on this Marley Lilly clutch for some time now and I am just completely adoring it. I was very sick of my outdated Coach sling pack and looking for a change and this little darling is perfect. Love it! Sorry for the shameless mirror selfie.
TWO:  The Wal-Mart App
This is a free app that can actually give you money BACK when shopping at Wal-Mart! You can now scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipts from the app and it will check local stores around your location to see if any items you purchased can be found somewhere else for cheaper. It takes up to three days and I've gotten .50 cents back so far but hey, I'll take it! It's pretty fun and I know you can do more than just save on the app but I haven't explored much else.
THREE::  New Camera!!!
I know, ironically enough I just got this beauty and all these pics on this post are shot from my trusty O' iPhone haha My husband surprised me with this baby for our anniversary earlier this week. I'm SO excited!! I have been saving up for awhile now for it and was completely shocked when he showed up with it. I had originally promised my self I would sell items that were old and I didn't use anymore to pay for this since I didn't really need it either and I was about twenty-two dollars away when he gifted it to me, thanks husband!
FOUR::  One Line A Day
I spotted this little book months ago on another bloggers Friday favorites and had to have it. I admit I've had it several months and just now started writing in it. It has a five spaces for each day that you write one sentence a day for five years. I'm excited to see how much my life changes when I look back after five years of writing. I picked it up on Amazon Prime for under ten dollars!
FIVE:: 73 Questions for Reese Witherspoon Interview
Vogue did a Q&A with Reese Witherspoon AKA "Little Spoon" and I love it! She is my favorite actress so naturally I am drawn to anything she's included in, but this interview (Found Here)  really is cute!
Yay for starting back up on the linkup, ladies! I'm off to pack for a little weekend getaway in Ebola zone...Dallas! Have a great weekend everyone!

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