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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile Lately

I’ve had a lot of deep conversations with some of my friends lately and I feel like I need to just share some positive thoughts. Lying in bed last night while thinking about a conversation I had with a great friend that afternoon our conversation just made me smile. With that being said I thought I’d share some things that are making me smile lately because dang it I need some positive in my own life.

Hugs…I am a big huger.
Hot chocolate
Calls and texts…the “just cause I was thinking about you” are the best!
Monograms…If it is not moving, monogram it!
God moments…those times you are practically slapped in the face by God and you just know it is him!
Thunderstorms and rainy days…everything just slows down a bit, so peaceful.
Real mail…not junk mail or bills but real mail from friends and family.
Sports…This girl loves football and basketball especially. It is OKC Thunder’s first game of the season tonight, Thunder Up!
Snapchats from my niece Jada…I totally and completely feel 14 on Snapchat but snaps from her are the best!
Platinum Status…I just became Platinum with American Airlines this week and that did make me smile. Ha it’s the small things.
Massages…I’m being spoiled by my boss and get TWO in the next week and a half. Can. Not. Wait.
Worship…I live for Sunday morning worships at church.
Small gestures…the small things that people do for me.
Bleeker…my puppy that lives an hour and half a way. Thank God he still lives with my best friend and I get pictures almost daily of him.
Fresh flowers…I need to get better about spending the $7 at the grocery store at least every other week so I can have flowers in the house.
Pumpkins…and all things pumpkin. Those cute little babies :)
When people know my name…specifically at the gym. I love that before I even walk through the door in the evenings the guys there always have me checked in. I told you, it’s the small things with me hehe
Lunch dates…random lunch dates with great friends. Thanks Megan for today, it was very much needed!
Babies…all the wonderful little babies in my life right now! Your tiny little bodies in my arms gives me a whole new perspective on life.
Yoga pants…cause lets be real, they are life.
Compliments from strangers…two days ago I was really having a rough day. Lady at the grocery store came out of her way just to tell me she loved my dress and how cute I looked. Those kind of people are lovely. Thanks lady for the pick me up!
Deep conversations…like I mentioned above. I’ve had some really great deep conversations with a few friends lately and those always leave me smiling and really appreciate each of them in my life. Genuine care of our friendship.

“Keep smiling because Life’s a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.” Marilyn Monroe

Of course there are a lot of things like family and friends that make me smile but these are the small day to day things that lately have put a smile on my face.

What makes you smile? Share your positive thoughts with me!
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  1. Love these! I'm the same way, it's the little things in life that make me happy! :)

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