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Thursday, October 2, 2014

September's Snaps

Just sharing some of my snapshots from this past month...If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some of these and if you don't, enjoy my snaps.
As soon as I got home from Utah on Monday my husband started asking if I wanted to go to the fair that evening. He LOVES the fair and I do NOT love the fair but I put my cowgirl boots on and off we went.
My favorite part of the fair is the animals, look how cute this stud is. I don't mind the food and we accidently shared a fried Twinkie which I semi regretted but it was tasty. I had a jumbo corndog which I did not regret at all and a lemonade. I cant even remember all the things Kyle ate but it was semi ridiculous. We walked through all the booths and displays, all the barns and up and down the midway and by the time we walked back to the truck I was smooth worn out but it was pretty fun. Not counting the paid only parking which was enough for me to want to leave but Kyle didn't even blink at it being he loves the fair THAT much.
After traveling so much and eating so horrible last month with little exercise I immediacy began detoxing Tuesday morning. Many hours in the gym and protein shakes as meals this week and it feels oh so good!
I'm just loving this quote, its so simply perfect and I feel like God is pruning me now.
A couple weeks ago I was blessed enough to watch the sunrise from 40,000 feet up over Idaho and it made the early morning wakeup call oh so worth it, thanks God!
Just another shot from Park City last weekend.
With time being so short and hard to come by lately some of our dinners have been short and sweet. I got this idea from Jessica at Little Baby Garvin a few months ago. She said it was their go to quick meal idea and I certainly adopted it. All you need is a loaf of Italian bread, cut vertically however large you would like your sandwich, top with mozzarella cheese and shaved ham, open faced in the browler for just a couple mins (watch carefully) and pull out and top with whatever you would like. I add lettuce, tomato and Marzetta veggie ranch dip. Ta-da! So yummy and quick! What are some of your quick go to meals?
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