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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Love List

Happy Friday and Halloween from another airport! Another business trip this weekend to Santa Fe, New Mexico so I'll be missing all the festivities today. This is my last work trip for a couple months and while I am excited for the slow down I'm also really glad to be going this weekend. This is my first time to be in New Mexico and all I've heard is wonderful things about Santa Fe so, I can't wait to see for myself. While most of my business trips are a lot of work luckily this one is a lot more low key. All this to say, while I am working this weekend I will certainly make the best of it.
Now, on to another Five on Friday linkup. Let me share my faves with you because I know you guys are just dying to know them...right..? And spoiler, they have nothing to do with Halloween weirdly enough.
ONE::  OKC Thunder
Last season at a Thunder game
I'm a big lover of the OKC Thunder and I could not be more excited that the season officially began this past Wednesday night. In hopes that this season will last well into June, THUNDER UP!
TWO::  Christmas Shopping Begins
Ok, this is big for me! Dare I even mention Christmas already and especially on Halloween, but I've started my shopping already, woohoo! I even have one person almost finished. Now, lets just hope I keep this up and maybe I wont be shopping on Christmas Eve this year....don't hold your breath.
THREE:: Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate
I can not stand coffee, I know *GASP* but eww, no. I've tried and tried and just no. However, I wanted to know what the PSL was all about but how should I do that without coffee. My barista at Starbucks made my little dreams come true. Grande non-fat hot chocolate no mocha plus pumpkin spice and no whip. Seriously, so yummy! My drink this season, PSHC.
FOUR:: I'm So Fancy Mug
I think this just may make its way to my winter wish list...for my PSHC of course! You can find this gem here.
FIVE::  Favorite Quote
I found this on Pinterest a few nights ago when ironically enough I was lying in bed not being able to sleep. I pinned it, read it several times and then turned off my phone and had a little chat with God. He really does have the perfect timing, even if he has to get my attention thought Pinterest...I get it God!
Thanks ladies for the linkup as always! I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween and great weekend!
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  1. I like that "Should you buy" chart. Will definitely need something of that nature come Christmas time!

  2. That Christmas chart is awesome! I definitely need that and I'm all ready for Christmas to be here this year too. Have fun in Sante Fe! I visited for a weekend once and it was a lot of fun.