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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Decorating Halloween Cookies

I love any holiday were I can be festive and do fun festive things. Last night my sister invited me over to bake and decorate Halloween cookies with her and my niece Jada. My mom gave us both lots of Halloween baking goodies so we had a lot of fun putting it all to use. Bless my sister’s heart she doesn’t love baking and if you’ve been reading on here for a while you know that I do love it. I stepped in and immediately started rolling dough, cutting and decorating. My sister kept apologizing and I quickly stopped her letting her know much I enjoyed it and that is why I was there…after all I did do all this last Halloween, by myself. Haha I don’t have kids so having nieces and nephews to do fun festive things with melts my heart into a big festive puddle.

We had so much fun! We almost had them all decorated before my brother-in-law came in and nearly ate half of them! These are the times that mean the most in life, making memories.
Have you baked any festive Halloween treats?
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