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Monday, November 3, 2014

Ohh The Weekend

If you read my post on Friday you saw that I was spending my weekend working in New Mexico. So, I have some what of an uneventful weekend to share but I do have a few pictures to go along with my unexpectedly long weekend. Friday, afternoon I headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a business trip. I was a little bummed about missing the Halloween festivities but I was also excited to visit NM. I had never been before and I was going for a Board retreat so I stayed in a beautiful resort tucked away in the mountains in Santa Ana. I ate really, too well and was treated to a massage Saturday evening. It was pretty much heaven with some work thrown in. I flew into the Santa Fe airport which I knew was small but it is TINY. This was my view as I got off the plane.
This was the baggage claim area... This airport we learned is a ONE gate airport. I thought it was so cute and looked like a Mexico train station to me. Well, to which I would imagine one to look like.
Friday evening my boss and I enjoyed Indian tacos at a local restaurant in downtown Santa Fe. It was well after dark and Halloween so everything was pretty much already shut down. We then headed to the resort. Sunday afternoon we had a few hours to see the city before heading back to the airport. We started walking through downtown which was filled with tons of culture. The city if you have never been is known for their art. Tons of galleries, shops and restaurants.

Sadly it started raining on us so that quickly put a damper on our exploring and shopping. We ended up eating at a local corner café which was A-mazing! Several locals had recommended the BLT and chipotle black bean soup so that is exactly what I got and oh my word, so yummy! I told you these trips I eat way too well on. The BLT was on jalapeno cornbread with bacon, lettuce, tomato, melted creamy pepper jack cheese and green chilies. I highly recommend the Pasqual's Café if you are in Santa Fe. When we finished there was a line out the door and down the sidewalk of people waiting in the rain to be seated.
After heading back to the tiny, at this time I still thought adorable, airport to catch our flight home we learned our flight was later canceled for maintenance and we were stuck overnight. So after another night in town we finally caught an early morning flight this morning. At this point I now could care less if I ever see this airport again.
Oh and look at their fancy signage....glitter glue! haha I thought it was way too funny not to share.
That was my long weekend and now I'm headed back to work tomorrow but very thankful to be home. Even more thankful that I'm done traveling for a few months! I couldn't end without sharing how adorable a few of my loves looked for Halloween. My two nephews Brecken and Cyrus as a Oklahoma Sooners football player and the most adorable football. I think Cyrus slept through the festivities and I heard Brecken had lots of fun at their town festival.
And lastly, how stinking adorable is my baby Bleeker as the cutest skunk ever?! I think he had a few costume changes that evening. I'm so excited to see him this upcoming weekend!
Sorry for some of the grainy iPhone pics but sometimes that's just how it goes. How was your weekend? Happy November everyone!
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  1. That may be the smallest/quaintest airport I've ever seen! I'm glad you got a massage in on your trip, those are always so needed. Bleeker is the cutest skunk ever btw!!! Have a great week Kristen:). #Weekending