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Monday, November 10, 2014

Perfect Weekend Recap

This weekend made my heart swell times ten, it was almost perfect. So many of my favorite things wrapped into 48 hours, it was hard for me to see it all come to an end.
Back up, last week I came down with the flu. I am only assuming I picked it up while stuck in Santa Fe last weekend…at least that’s what I am choosing to think anyway. So, knowing that I had such a fun weekend planned in Oklahoma City with friends I didn’t tell hardly anyone I was sick. I have issues. I didn’t want people to tell me not to go and for my little heart to be crushed. Well, I had the flu and I did as much as I could to rest and shake it before Friday evening. The doctor told me to rest and I promised would… until Friday evening haha and I was pretty good to go by 5:00 Friday and hit the road running!

I’m a big Oklahoma City Thunder fan and their season just started but I was already itching to get down there for a game. It was alumni night for UCO where I graduated from so my friend Jessica and I definitely took advantage of being able to get tickets so easily.

My best friend Melissa works for the Thunder so I also got to see her for a little bit. Even though most of the team is injured right now, way too many suits on the bench, and we lost by two it was such a fun evening! THUNDER UP!

Saturday morning Jessica and I headed to Norman for the OU/Baylor game. Ah, this was the worst game. Sadly, this year OU just hasn’t pulled it together. We all thought this year we had a chance possibly to get our eighth national championship…well we are now not even bowl eligible or even have a shot at a conference title. None the less, we are now unranked. Depressing and something we OU fans as well as the team are for sure not used to.

However, all that being said as a true OU fan it hurts my heart to not only see fans flooding the exits barely into the third quarter but booing your own team?! I get it, it was frustrating to watch our defense let Baylor run the exact same play seven times in a row successfully and to see the lack of excellent coaching on the OU sidelines. But, to boo your OWN team AT home is absurd. I think OU player Zach Sanchez said it best in his post-game interview “When you’re hot, they’re gonna ride with you. When you’re low, they’re gonna walk out during the game. But the true fans, we respect them.” So, to not turn this post into a complete rant over the lack of respect OU fans gave our team Saturday, if you are THAT fan then our guys don’t need you and neither does the Oklahoma Sooners program altogether. But, to see the three Baylor players prayer with Trevor Knight’s little brother Connor after Trevor’s injury, priceless. Thanks Baylor for showing the love in Norman!  BOOMER SOONER!! {Rant ended.}

Anyways, the rest of Saturday I did a little Christmas shopping and ended the night with dinner and drinks with Melissa. Great conversation, great company and a great time!

Sunday after church I met Melissa and our friend Becca for lunch and a little makeup fun at Sephora. Ladies, you know sometimes a girl just needs her friends and to play dress up! I just have the best friends a girl could ask for. Be jealous you guys!

To top off the weekend I got to love on my baby Bleeker! For those reading that don’t know this, Bleeker was mine and my roommate’s (Melissa from this post) dog before I got married and moved away. This little guy still holds a part of my heart but now resides with her. I mean, just look at him! Would you just look at this precious face eeeek melts me!

Yesterday evening I headed home and geared up for a full week. With being under the weather last week the laundry, grocery shopping, errands and lack of working out sure piled up. Fingers crossed for a productive and healthy week! Despite the loss for both of my teams, I absolutely adored my weekend. How was your weekend y’all?

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  1. I teared up before I even read the first sentence of this post ��

  2. What a sweet little pup! I feel your pain on college football...my husband and I are UGA fans, and their shot is gone after the terrible Florida loss. There is always next year! Stopping by from the linkup. :)