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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Cozy Wish List

Cozy Wish List

This weekend we had our first snowfall here in Oklahoma of the season. We had maybe a week and half of actual fall weather between upper eighty degrees and now mid twenties. Burr! I'm really hoping the fall weather makes an appearance again but the frigid temps now have me dreaming of all these wonderful cozy things I "need". I didn't have time to do my normal Friday Favorites post last week and with April's Christmas list linkup starting tomorrow I thought this post would make up for both. Although it isn't my official Christmas list for the year I do love all these things!
I mean seriously, this just sounds heavenly. I typically stick to the more fresh scents in the shower...until the holidays and then all that just changes! Give me any and all holiday scented products!
Target is killing it with all of their Christmas items. I want it all! How fun is this cute coffee cup?! I'm already picturing myself cuddled up by the fire with this filled with yummy hot chocolate.
I love a nice hoodie that doesn't scream "I'm a total bum." I love how this looks so comfy but yet not tacky.
Like I said, Target does it again. I'm swooning over this throw. Like, straight dying to have this jewel.
Oh the search to find the "perfect pair of leggings" continues. Not too thick but not too thin. Not too tight but not bunchy. I've heard great things about Hue leggings. Have any of you ladies tried them out?
How cute are these L.L. Bean lookalikes? Kohl's has these babies on sale right now. I definitely do not need winter boots but these are too cute.
Target again. I may have shopped at four different Targets this weekend, {a tad embarrassing} but anyways I obviously found some super cute items.
This candle is apparently Bath & Body Work's most popular selling candle, who knew?! I started my search a little too late this year and have yet to get my hands on one. Anyone else in love with this candle? Were you able to snatch it up this year?
What are some of the must haves you've found lately? Are they on your Christmas list? Have a great Monday y'all!
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  1. This is perfection. PER-FEC-TION!!! Definitely need that blanket, hoodie, socks and boots this week up here!

  2. This is the perfect list for today - snowy here and all I want to do is curl up in that hoodie and blanket!

  3. That north face hoodie looks so cozy!! And can I please have the throw...actually everything on this list!! Great round-up!

  4. Goodness, I love everything about this cozy wish list. I'm asking Santa for your list!

  5. Love all of your picks!! I always want to get one of those faux fur throws, but we have enough blankets around here. I love Philosophy shower gel and B&BW candles are THE best… my "sweater weather" one is still going strong. Hope Santa is good to you! xo


  6. Those boots look just like Sorrel!! I love those.