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Monday, July 14, 2014

Park City, I love you.

I am fortunate that my job allows me to see different parts of the country that I may not experience if I didn’t have my boss sending me.
Last Thursday I escaped Oklahoma’s steaming summer temperatures to beautiful seventy degree temps in Park City, Utah. I’ve been to Salt Lake City a couple times but never Park City. Let me just say, it was nothing short of amazing.

A lot of the time I don’t have the opportunity to really see a lot of the cities I visit due to my purpose of being there, work. However, with this trip it was all quite different. Honestly it was more like a vacation than actual work.

We flew in on Thursday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon with only an eight hour meeting and one work dinner to attend during the entire time we were there.  I knew this trip was going to be a bit different than my normal work meetings since this time I was hosting a board retreat for a group of Utah oncology doctors at one of the top resorts in Park City.

We stayed at the Montage Deer Valley Resort and I was swept away to my “apartment” for the weekend to enjoy a breath taking view. I mean seriously, this was all mine for the weekend.


We spent most of Friday having lunch and shopping in the shops in downtown Park City on Main Street. We ate most of our meals on patios while there, it was perfect. Friday afternoon we had planned to ride the Alpine Slide but a sudden afternoon shower had other plans for us. My boss and I spent the afternoon at the outlet mall where I scored a cute bikini top for the Fourth of July next year and some adorable navy and white seersucker scalloped bottom pajama shorts that are screaming to be monogramed.  I also {FINALLY} got to visit World Market! I read about girl’s finding the greatest things there on their blogs and I was beginning to become very jealous. It was a success with the purchase of some “southern pecan pancake mix” and I will definitely return when I have the chance until one finally makes its way to Oklahoma.


That evening we ventured to the Alpine slide once again after dinner and it was the perfect evening for it! I had never heard of the slide until I read Lot 48’s post about her family’s experience a few weeks ago. After reading about it I KNEW I HAD to try it!


You take the ski lift up the mountain where you are given these yellow carts to carry over to the slide. You sit in your own cart and push the little red handle forward to go as fast as you’d like down the mountain. It reminded me of what I feel like bobsledding would be like. The slide is over 3,000 feet long and truly gives you the most amazing view as you’re flying down the mountain on this little plastic cart.


I’ll admit, I stopped almost completely a few times to take pics. I had to document it! If you ever have the chance to ride an alpine slide, do it!

Each night we ended the day enjoying the hot chocolate and s'mores bar around the fire pit at the resort. Then I slipped into an amazing bath, showered, wrapped myself in the plush robe left for me, flipped on the fireplace in my bedroom and relaxed. This was my nightly routine for three nights in a row, this was life.


I will be back in Park City at the end of September and to say that I cannot wait is an understatement. Usually when I'm near the end of my work trips I am anxious to get home. Not this trip, I was not ready to trade seventy degrees for a hundred and two back here at home.



Until September, PC...

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  1. Lovely photos...especially the smoores ;) Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Weekending linkup!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  2. Love this post! Those S'moores look like heaven! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! check it out here:
    and follow the instructions! ~Lauren

  3. i am so glad you got to ride the alpine slide! awesome, right?? sorry we couldn't meet, but we will definitely meet in september. thank you for linking back to my blog! and i'm glad you liked the montage, my best friend is the spa director there. SUCH a nice place. she can never tell me when she massages famous people though! :( which is a shame because i know she does it all the time!

    1. Ah I'm so jealous of your friend! I am always looking for famous people and kept my eyes out the entire stay but no luck. I'm sorry we couldn't meet up as well, look forward to making it happen in September!

  4. Hi!!! Found you over on Life in The Wilde. Park City was my childhood winter home (my grandparents lived there in the winter) - oddly enough I've never been any time BUT the winter! Your pictures are so gorgeous and make me want to not only go back there but move there! Going to follow along on bloglovin'.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. It was truly amazing and I highly recommend going or moving there. ;) Thanks for following along!