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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Liebster Award Nominee

I am so excited to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Lauren from Life in the Wilde. When I read Lauren's post I was thinking ‘oh how fun is this, I want to be nominated!’ Then I got to the end and realized she was sweet enough to think of me and I was nominated. Thanks Lauren! How fun is this, being new to the blog land I love participating in things that connect me to other bloggers! 
       1.      Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2.      Answer the questions that the nominator has set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
3.      Choose 11 people (with 200 followers or less) and link them in your post.
4.      Go to their page and tell them.
5.      No tag backs!
11 Facts about Me:
1.      I am an iced tea connoisseur. I don’t drink pop so I pretty much only drink water and ice tea. I love sweet tea but quickly realized after giving up pop, over five years ago, that sweet tea was probably just as bad. So, I drink un sweet and add sweet ‘n’ low…I know artificial sweetener, I’m probably getting cancer.
2.      I love taking showers. I almost always take at least two showers a day. If I had time I would take a mid-day shower as well.
3.      My guilty pleasure is watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” I know, I know but I can’t help it!
4.      I am late almost everywhere I go. I’m the girl that says “On my way!” when in reality I am probably just getting out of the shower. Oops, I run on “Indian time” as we say in Oklahoma.
5.      I adore a day in the kitchen with just me and my apron. I love to cook and bake and try out new recipes.  
6.      I am a very routine kind of girl. I like structure and organization. I like to say I am spontaneous as long as it is planned at least a few hours in advance. Planned spontaneous.
7.      Working out has been a lifestyle change I truly made four and a half years ago and I will never look back!
8.      I absolutely hate my toes covered when I sleep. I just can’t understand how in the world people sleep in socks?! Never! I sleep with just the ends of my toes sticking out of the blankets, always. My mom tells me she had to cut the ends of the footies out of all my footed pajamas when I was little.
9.      I am married and have been for almost two years. But no, I do not have kids. I want kids someday just not right now.
10.  I have a passion for serving our loving God and showing his grace. I am so blessed!
11.  I was homecoming queen my senior year in high school and was the ‘Spanish club representative.’ However, my extent of speaking Spanish is “Hola, como te amo? Me amo Kristen. Muy bien.” About all I got and that's even iffy!
My Questions to Answer:
1.      What is your favorite app right now?
“She Reads Truth’ I was just recently introduced to this women’s devotional app and I love it! It is really in-depth and allows you to comment and interact with others in discussion.
2.      What/who inspires your writing most and why?
I in no way consider myself a “writer”. I am not good at it but I do enjoy sharing on my blog. So, I will say the people who are encouraging me to keep blogging with kind compliments and the ones that have let me know that one of my posts inspired or motivated them. These are the ones inspiring me to write blog.
3.      What is your best family memory?
My favorite memories growing up are the ones spent at my grandpa and grandma’s house. Whether it was the entire family in and around the pool, picking pecans with my grandma, riding down to the deli in the basket of my grandma’s three wheeled tricycle. (I wish I had a picture to show this one!), sitting on the kitchen counter ‘helping’ her make homemade mac n’ cheese or sneaking another spoonful of peanut butter behind my grandpa’s back. I sure do miss those times and them!
4.      What is your favorite bible verse and why?
       Oh I have so many favorites, really hard to pick just one...let's go with 1 John 4:19 "We love because he first loved us."

5.      What is your favorite print? Floral, zebra, polka-dots, stripes?
Lately I have been obsessed with navy and white stripes. So nautical and well adorable.
6.      What started your blogging life?
I wish I could remember the first blog that I started following but I don’t. A couple years ago I started following several ladies’ pages and just really became intrigued. Like I said, I don’t think I am a great writer by any stretch but I knew I wanted my own page to share my thoughts, recipes and well life. I wanted to be able to share more than just a 140 characters or without blowing up people’s newsfeeds with 20 pictures of my baking projects and to document my journey in life. So, off I went and began my blog journey. Before I started I said I will be happy if just one person reads it and gets one thing out of one post. I am a brand new blogger of just a month into it and I have absolutely loved it so far!
7.      What is something interesting/silly/fun about you that many people do not know?
I don’t know how interesting this is but I think it is funny…from the first grade until my sophomore year in high school I was in Camp Fire. Now, if you know me at all you know that camping and “roughing it” is not my thing, at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love to go spend the day at the lake and have a couple s’mores on the open fire but when it is time for bed give me my bed! This is why God made houses, right?! So why waste them and sleep on the ground. My mother was a Wohelo Award recipient and wanted nothing more than for one of her daughters to be as well. Well sadly, sorry mom, but that was not happening with me. After my freshman year I told her enough was enough and she was not about to force me on another camping trip or another bug sighting adventure.
8.      What is your favorite post that you have written?
Only being in the blog world a short time now, I would have to say my second post I wrote. I shared my workout routine and “diet” ritual. It is my favorite because I have had more feedback about how this has helped several people than any other post. So for now, this is my fave.
9.      Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram, hands down. I have often said I am leaving Facebook and then somehow keep getting pulled back in. I love that Insta is drama, “Will you feed my turtle?” requests and “My child finally pooped on the potty!!” statuses free!
10.  If you could dream one up, what would your ideal occupation be?
Marketing Director for the Today Show. Dream big!
11.  What is a goal that you have accomplished recently?
I don’t want to share just yet because it is happening this week but a change with my appearance! It’s not going to be huge to some but to me it will be. YAY for some change!
My Questions for Nominees to Answer:
1.      What are the two things that you can’t leave the house without each day?
2.      What is the one thing that is most important to you to accomplish every week?
3.      How has blogging made an impact on your life?
4.      Where is the most adventurous place that you have traveled to?
5.      What does your evening routine look like?
6.      What is something you are currently praying about?
7.      Your cravings are usually salty or sweet?
8.      What do you find most attractive in a man or woman?
9.      How has life changed the most for you in the past five years?
10.  You only have five dollars to spend today, what do you spend it on?
11.  What is your biggest career accomplishment?
And the Nominees Are:
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  1. How fun is this?! Thanks for the nod!

  2. I adore Keeping Up With The Kardashian's too! I live in Italy and so I don't get to watch it while I'm there - I then have a marathon when I get back to the states!

  3. Awww thank you so much for nominating me too! I've been wanting to reply to your comments through email, but I see that you are a set to no reply so I can't ;-( You should check out this link http://anyonecandecorate.blogspot.com/2012/09/are-you-no-reply-blogger-how-to-fix.html so we and the other bloggers can interact with you more!

  4. I love keeping up with the Kardashians and I love love showers!! We are so alike!!!! Congrats!!

  5. Yay! Thanks girl! :-) I laughed out loud to your "planned spontaneous" remark. I'm the same way! I might have to steal that for my post!