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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stepping Up My Fitness Goals With Fitbit

I was on the fence for a good six to eight months about purchasing a FitBix Flex. I loved the idea of finding out how many calories on average I was burning a day by just living everyday life. However, I was not so sure I was in love with the idea of wearing a black rubber "bracelet" every day with every outfit. I know, I am a tad ridiculous but with a hundred dollar price tag I did not want to regret my decision with buyers remorse. 

Several of my friends and mother in-law have one and they all love it. I asked around and found a lot of people used it to have fun competitions with their friends and family and it really helped them stay motivated. Well, I caved and purchased the Flex and have to say...I love it!

The Flex allows you to download the Fitbit app and sync your activity straight to your phone for easy access. I am able to track my calories burned, steps taken, miles, active minutes and so much more. You can customize your daily goals that you would like to obtain to your standards and log your run with the gps running log feature {I do not know this feature...not a runner}. One of my favorite features of my Flex is that it also syncs with my MyFitnessPal account. So, once I log all my food, water and exercise in my FitnessPal app it syncs and calculates with the Fitbit. 

I am also really loving that I can see my sleep patterns. Each morning I can see how many times I was restless throughout the night and when I was awake. Just shows me exactly why I never feel rested and that maybe I should be going to bed a lot earlier!

I will admit, I still don't know how I feel about wearing it with all my outfits but it is growing on me. I just add accessories around it and just go with it.

I do realize that the calorie burning count is not completely accurate cause the Fitbit does not come with a heart monitor like the Polar watches. I went back and forth on the Fitbit versus the Polar but I KNEW personally I wouldn't want to wear the Polar on the regular. So, I like that I at least have an idea of how many calories I am burning daily.  They say it is waterproof but I don't trust it so I personally do not wear mine in the shower, pool, lake, etc.

All in all, I am happy with it and will be keeping it. It really does help me stay motivated, especially when I am just a few hundred steps or calories away from reaching my goal. I get up and start movin'! If you own a fitbit yourself and want to have a little competition, friendly of course hehe, just let me know!

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  1. Now I wish I got the fitbit instead of the Nike Fuel. I wanna be your buddy!

  2. Oooooo I've been wanting one so bad! I don't want to spend the money, looks like ill be adding it to my birthday list.