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Friday, July 18, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

It's finally Friday!!! Is it just me or did this week drag on and on? Today I am linking up with Karli at September Farm to share a few of the things I am lovin' this week to kick off the weekend!



ONE::  Fall Attire- Navy

Here in Oklahoma we have been given A-mazing fall like temps! Typically in the middle of July we are hitting 100+ temps, as we were last week. Today, we are hitting new records with four days under 80 degrees. I know this is not going to last much longer but it has me really wanting to put my leggings and boots on and head to an OU game this weekend. (Only 45 more days until the first game!!!) Anyways, I am now finding myself already looking at fall fashion and hunting for the perfect pair of Navy skinny dress pants like these. I found these on Pinterest with no link, of course isn't that how it always goes when you find something you love. So, has anyone seen any like this lately that I can snatch up?

TWO:: Watermelon Water
I have been freezing watermelon and adding it to my water. Yumm! It gives it just enough flavor and is so refreshing. Maybe I am starting to switch my cravings from raspberries to watermelon...maybe.
THREE:: Peanut Butter Rice Cake Snack
I've been addicted to my new way to eat peanut butter for my snacks. I just take either a plain or carmel rice cake, spread on some peanut butter, slice a few bananas on top and sprinkle with cinnamon. Sweet, tasty and crunchy! Ta-da healthy little snack.
{Picture via Pinterest}
FOUR:: Favorite Verse
A friend posted part of her devotion the other day and this was the verse quoted. I can't stop thinking about it and how much it truly speaks to me. I plan on writing a post soon explaining what this verse really means to me.
"For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10
 FIVE:: Moments
Yesterday morning I had a meeting in Oklahoma City for work so, of course, I just stayed the rest of the day in Edmond. I was able to meet some friends for lunch at Coolgreens, oh how I wish Tulsa had one! I ran several errands, shopped in boutiques that we lack also in Tulsa, visited old co-workers and just soaked up being in town. Made my little heart oh so happy!
I'm off to get ready for girl's night, cheers to a fabulous weekend ya'll!
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  1. Freezing watermelon and using it in water is amazing! I need to try that. Stopping by from Oh Hey, Friday link up.

  2. Love those navy pants! Now I want a pair too!! I've been seeing watermelon water popping up everywhere! I have to try it (now I only need to find a SEEDLESS watermelon!)