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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekending: Sun Valley, Idaho

I am traveling back from Sun Valley, Idaho from a business board retreat I put on. I'm sitting in the Phoenix airport facing eight more hours of travel to get home. I'll be honest and say it was not rough working over the weekend in Sun Valley. A couple of meetings and the rest of the weekend was spent playing. I stayed at the Sun Valley Resort which was oh so beautiful. It was pretty neat cause they had their own little community as you could say at the resort so, the only time I left for anything was hiking.
I'll let my pictures show how awful my weekend just was...
The view from my room
The little community like area at the resort. Full of shops, restaurants, bike riding, swimming and so much more. Oh and an ice cream shop. ;)
Homemade Wild Huckleberry Ice Cream
Shameless selfie before a dinner meeting
Hiking up Proctor Mountain
And I now realize these sunglasses do not do me a favor...eek
The beautiful view from the hike. My body is definitely not used to handling altitude.
Oh Deer!
There was an ice skating show at the resort one night. The tickets were sixty dollars a piece to attend. This was my free view from my room. And with a milkshake, yes. I probably gained fifty pounds. Gym tomorrow, twice. 
This was our view yesterday afternoon for lunch at Red Fish Lake. So pretty, it almost looked tropical. We were told that it is named Red Fish Lake because at one point there was so many salmon that were in the lake it was actually red.
I'm so glad I am blessed with being able to see beautiful places like this so often. I will not be sad what-so-ever if I have to go back to Sun Valley. It was hard to say bye to seventy degrees.
I finished off the weekend with some shopping at H&M last night in Boise. I may have purchased a few fall outfits...a touch of fall fever!
Today I am linking up with Biana for her Weekending linkup.

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