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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick Good Links

I've recently come across several good reads and I  want to share these links with you guys, cause I know y'all will think they're worth the read also.
Ok this is one brought me straight to tears...happy tears. Since I just recently watched Interstellar, for the second time. The daughter/father bond in the movie was emotional for me and this clip by Hyundai brought me straight back to that emotional pull. Seen from space, how awesome is that!! AND great marketing Hyundai, well done.
Source: Today Christian
A friend shared this on Facebook the other day and after I read it I thought, these really could solve a lot of arguments between couples if known. Now, even though it is titled "A Wife" I most certainly believe it goes both ways. He says that in the article as well. Read the article here on Today Christian.
Source: Business Insider
Called this one! About a year ago I switched out of my MK and fell in love with my new Kate Spade tote as I said I feel like Michael Kors is losing its touch. Welp, according to Business Insider MK is no longer the "In" luxury preferred brand. This article was interesting to me cause it talks about the same thing happened with Coach, Juicy Couture, Tommy Hilfiger and Jordache. {I'm not sure I remember when Jordache was THAT popular}. I'm intrigued by how long a brand has before it fades... What do you guys think? Seems that once a designer appears in an "outlet" then it starts to fade out. I sure do still love my KS so my love for her products is not fading any time soon!
Read the article here on Business Insider.
Have you guys read any good articles this week that you think I'd like? Send them my way!
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  1. That's really interesting about Michael Kors! I still want one of his bags though, I don't care how "cool" it is or isn't, haha!