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Monday, April 27, 2015

Jam Packed FUN Weekend! Brecken Turns Two!!

This weekend was non-stop from the moment I got off work Friday evening. My sister and brother in law and two nephews were in town so Friday evening I had dinner with them and in my in-laws. Then Saturday morning there was a citywide garage sale going on so I shopped a little and failed terribly, didn't find one thing. I'm not a huge garage sale(er) but I am about to redo our office so I thought I just might find the perfect chair to redo, no luck.
Afterwards I met  my mom and we went to the herb festival that was going on downtown. This is my favorite festival, I love stocking up on local plants and spices. This year I picked up an orange mint plant and I can not wait to start adding it to my iced tea daily and fruit salads! I snagged a few other great finds and I definitely enjoyed the time with my mom!
After lunch with my mom I headed to the gym to squeeze in a workout. My trip to Mexico is 35 days away, it's crunch time! That evening was party time! My nephew Brecken turns two on Wednesday so we celebrated at his tractor themed party Saturday evening. I think he really enjoyed his party! Sorry for the picture overload, but these are all my favorites from the evening!'

 I love how he is so patiently waiting for mom to cut the cake!

Off to the creek with uncle Kyle 

 Little brother partied hard too!

I think he loved our gift to him! Fixin' the tractor with his new John Deer tools.

Cyrus got to have a little birthday cupcake too
Happy birthday Brecken! Aunt Kristen loves you so much and will gladly give up my glass of tea to you any day!
After church Sunday Kyle and I headed to Lowe's for flowers. I spent that afternoon planting and trying to get our flowerbed in shape. Its a loss cause and after a lot of time and hard work it looks like I did nothing. I'm THIS close to giving in and having someone fix it up. It all looks dead to me and I just want to pull it all up but I know that's not the case. Anyways, on the other hand my flower pots look good! Our patio is now ready for summer and we've already had our first hummingbird, yay!

Thursday I paid off my car, 8 months early, and I am so very excited!!!! Dave Ramsey, I know you are probably reading this so are you proud?! As my prize to myself I brought home this perfect bike! It was love at first sight and I knew she had to come home with me. Sunday was a great day for a stroll! I'm going to have so much fun riding...and yes, of course I had to add flowers to the basket!
The weekend was capped off with a delicious dinner cooked by Kyle! He used his aunt's recipe and made steak au poive and he did great! Thanks babe!
Sorry again for the picture overload but I love to share all my favorites and definitely want them here on my little space. I hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Cheers to a very busy week! 

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  1. That bike is the cutest! Congrats to paying off your car early! What a huge weight off of your shoulders!