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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eating Local - Like the Irish

I love to eat at local restaurants, diners and dives around Oklahoma and I especially love to try different ones. I've heard many people rave about how amazing KilKinney's Irish Pub is on Cherry Street in Tulsa but hadn't had the chance to try it out. On Tuesday afternoon our boss treated us all to lunch at KilKinney's. The second I started to walk in the door I could hear Irish music playing and immediately felt like I was on the set of PS I love You.
I knew that I wanted to pick something very traditional to the Irish and not choose a typical half sandwich and side salad. Which I almost chose the half sandwich and soup combo just cause I've also heard great things about their soup. But I stuck with one of my co-workers recommendations and got the Chatsworth Boxty. A boxty is a traditional Irish dish that is common in rural Ireland. It is a grilled potato pancake that is stuffed.

The Chatsworth was stuffed with tender chicken breast sautéed with fresh garlic, shallots, mushrooms, green onion and red peppers in white wine topped with a creamy white wine sauce as well. It was served with fresh steamed veggies. Oh man, this was so delicious! You could really taste the herbs and white wine in the sauce. It was a little rich and definitely more heavy than I am used to eating, especially for lunch, but completely worth it.
Since I was on work's time I did not try any of the Irish beers but they do have quite the selection. The atmosphere is cozy with Irish music playing in the background and the pub is designed to replicate a traditional Irish pub. I was told that a true pub in Ireland was stripped and all the wood and décor was shipped over to give KilKillney's the traditional and authentic Irish look and feel.
They do offer a great lunch menu as well. The boxty was not offered on that menu but there was otherwise a great selection offered. Each month they also offer a "special menu" on top of their original menu to try. I would like to definitely stop back in for a cup of soup, one of their desserts or to try another traditional Irish dish. I was told that in December its the month of desserts and January is the month of soups...I will for sure remember those!
So, if you are an Oklahoman or passing through Tulsa try KilKenny's for a great Irish treat!
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