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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fore!! The Time When I Was a Golfer...

In honor of the Masters starting today and being Thursday I thought I'd share a little throwback Thursday story with y'all. Taking you guys back to when I was a freshman in high school. Me and one of my best friends, Kendyl, were on the freshman volleyball team. We had both played for a couple of years and had a lot of fun playing. Well, we both really wanted to be football managers/water girls for the varsity football team. When we approached the head coach of the football team about "getting on" the team we were given a little ultimatum. See the head football coach, Coach Ed, was also the head coach of the girl's golf team. The girl's golf team just so happened to need two more girls to make a team for that year. So, of course Coach Ed offered us both a spot as football water girls if we joined the golf team. Umm excuse me?! We both didn't know a THING about golf but we did know a thing about being around cute football boys so...we both went and bought a set of golf clubs.

This is where the golf journey begins. Also, as you may know volleyball and football are  played during the same season so what did we do? We quit volleyball, duh! Y'all we were serious about our new job of hydrating the football players and making sure they were well taken care of! So, come that spring we began our very first season of playing golf for the high school girl's golf team. We took it seriously for most of that season.
Being our first season we showed up on time to practices, practiced lots of putting on the greens, swung with the best of them and gave it our very best effort! Well, little did we know that our team was going to qualify for state and we were off to state!!! Don't let this fool you guys, we qualified as a team and we had a girl, Valerie, that just so happened to be pretty darn good. She was actually on the team because she wanted to be and she was our hero! I myself could hit the ball pretty dang straight but not far, at all. I would still be using my driver when I should've been using a wedge. Ok maybe not a wedge but for sure an iron. It was not so pretty! 
Ok, so freshman year goes by and we go to state and have a blast even though I think I placed pretty far down on the line. None the less, it was a fun season and we were golfers AND water girls! Season two rolls around and I sign up, being forced to so I could keep my H20 job, and Kendyl and I gave it a thirty percent effort.
We would show up to practice with our Sonic happy hour drinks in hand, dressed in heels or wedges on the putting greens and pleading with Coach Ed to let us out of practice early so we could go to the baseball games. Regardless of what he said about us two, we know he loved us! That pretty much sums up that season of my golfing experience.
Season three rolls around, by now I have been a water girl for the football team all three years and I was pretty sure I had the job in the bag for my senior year. This year in golf I gave it a .002 percent effort. I literally never showed up to a practice more less a tournament and I could always be found at the baseball games, at the field house gym or hitting up Sonic's happy hour. Needless to say, my very first and only C in high school I received my junior year in GOLF! Who gets a C in golf?! This girl did. Oops!
Season four, no way Coach Ed I'm not evening signing up! That's exactly how that season went and to this day I'm still so awful at golf! I'm a pretty dang good cart girl though! Looks like I wont be qualifying for the masters any time soon but maybe they need a water girl? What do you think Tiger?
PS: Regardless of what happened with golf...Kendyl and I excelled in being football water girls! We loved it and no one took care of those guys better than us four!
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  1. Haha what a fun story! At least you got a good experience out of playing, even if you didn't find a career in golf! :)

  2. One who wants to be good at golf really needs to have lessons or play with an experienced player. It is hard to learn the intricacies of the game without direct instruction. In addition, golf courses are all so different that one needs to be able to adapt well to change when playing the game.

    Jarrett @ The QATSPY Golf Approach