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Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Easter

This Easter I was determined to make it relaxing. I am ALWAYS stressing myself and too busy prepping the perfect desserts and dishes to actually enjoy the holiday. We live between both sets of our parents within five minutes each way so we definitely are able to see both families on the holidays. However they usually are either both set at the same time for lunch or dinner or within a couple hours of each other. Leaving us stuffed for one dinner. But this year we celebrated Easter at my in-laws with Kyle’s family on Saturday evening. We had a wonderful dinner and a fun little Easter egg hunt. It was my nephew Brecken’s first hunt and I think he had fun getting the hang of grabbing the eggs after a little help.


Sunday morning Kyle and I went to church and then headed over to my older sister and brother in-laws house for lunch with my family. It was so nice to have all of us together including a couple of my brother in-law JD’s family members. The kids took turns hiding eggs for each other and I found JD’s tri-pod so of course pulled the holiday card and got all of us rounded up for pictures. I think they are just starting to expect it with me…they’ll thank me someday!

Not that Kyle's shirt isn't cute but his really cute Easter one I bought just didn't fit. I was so bummed!

Now work it!

Like I was saying, I was determined to have a relaxing weekend so I did something shameful as a “baker”. I usually offer to bring desserts for holiday meals because I love to bake and let’s be honest, we are almost always late so this works out perfect. BUT this also means I’m always up the night before trying to get at least four desserts together. This year, I’ve never ever done this before but I ordered two pies to take to both sides of the family. Gasp, I know! Don’t hate though cause I also made two “dirt” cakes to also take. I wanted something that wouldn’t take too much time, was different and could be made festive and also could be made the night before. Both families gave me a little bit of a hard time but I don’t regret my decision at all. It was nice but I will say…the pie wasn’t that amazing…I should’ve just made them. Maybe next year! My mom totally showed me up and made these yummy and so stinking cute little baby chick cupcakes. How cute are these?!

 Only cause I love my bunny...not showing off my store bought pie!
She always closes her eyes in pics haha
All in all it was a great Easter for Kyle and I! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and have a wonderful week as well! It’s officially my birthday week so I’m living up the last few days of my twenties. Ahhh I'm old!
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  1. Hi Kristen, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog today! Also those chick cupcakes are adorable!