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Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekending Extended

If you read my post on Friday, here, you saw that I was off work for a few days last week to recoup. {Side-note: I completely had a fan girl moment on Friday when Jessica Robertson from Duck Dynasty re-tweeted my post!} So, my weekend seemed extra long and wonderful! My days off were spent relaxing, having fun and being productive. I got a much needed ninety minute massage, a visit to my favorite Blow Dry Bar Blo, a trip to the zoo with my nephews and sister-in-law, visited a new(ish) shop in downtown Oklahoma City Urban Farmhouse Design, that I've been dying to visit, a dinner date and it was all so wonderful! 

This actual weekend my mother in law invited me and my mom to attend a  late mother's day lunch with her and my sister in law and besides that and church that was all my plans for the weekend. Kyle had a fishing tournament and I ran errands and cleaned up the house. A few snaps from my long extended weekend. I hope y'all have a great Monday!

{If a store could be me this store would be! Urban Farmhouse is a lot like 
Joanna's style from Fixer Upper.} 

{Oklahoma City Zoo}

{Date night to Main Street Tavern after my blow out at Blo}

{We took about ten pictures altogether and not one came out OK, bummer! Mother's Day Lunch}

{And lets face it, Haddock is now like our newborn baby!}

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