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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 on Tuesday: Ten Must Haves In My Life

It's Tuesday and I am back to link up with Karli at September Farm again this week. This morning as I was getting ready to leave the house for work as I was sticking to my daily routine, of course, when I realized I was out of tea bags. Ahh! I am a very structured lady and every morning before I head out I fill my Yeti up with iced tea and hit the door running. Today I was out of tea! *Gasp* (First world problems) and of course I hadn't planned on this so I was not leaving early enough to stop by QuikTrip before work. Grrr, I hate mornings like this! It worked out and I decided I'll survive the morning without and will go at lunch for my beloved tea!

So, when I was thinking about what I should list for y'all today I've decided to share 10 things I can not live without! Of course there is God, Kyle, family, friends, Haddock, water, air...etc but these are first world problems to go without.

1: Well obviously I have to start the list with iced tea. I don't drink pop so iced tea makes my world function. I love sweet tea but hate the calories so I drink unsweet with sweet-n-low, I know I know cancer yeah yeah.

2: Showers, I would be a horrible homeless person for many reasons but I would die without showers. I almost always take two showers a day.

3: Along with showers my face wash. I'm constantly washing my face. I have really oily skin and if I'm not showering then I'm washing my face. When I used to go home on lunch breaks I would wash my face and redo my makeup everyday. 

4: Music but more specifically country music. I can't imagine a life without music! Concerts, car jams, dancing in the kitchen, cleaning house, workdays! How sad of a life without it.

5: Yoga pants. {Ladies lets all raise our hands to praise the yoga pants God} And I will go head and throw in sundresses because they are my yoga pants for warmer months.

6: Things found in my purse like my phone and lipgloss.

7: Peanut Butter, give me all the PB! Creamy, don't even think about handing me crunchy! But of course if that is all there is than pass the jar.

8: Exercise, I almost consider this a necessity like water and air. But my body literally feels like it is screaming at me when I don't have my butt in the gym consistently. And because I think maybe I should consider it a necessity then I will go ahead and say chips and salsa because well lets be honest, that is life.

9: Eight pillows. I just can't even trust people that sleep with one pillow or better yet, none! Whaatt?! I practically sleep sitting up because I love so many pillows! Ok I just counted, really it is only six. Just for me. Kyle knows I don't share!

10. This MAC eye base and primer. Love it! I use it everyday and I swear I have lazy eyelids so I get a lot of creasing but this primer helps dramatically. Definitely recommend it!

What are some your "necessities" that you must have in life?
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  1. This is darling!! Also, the packets of PB + banana are genius! I do this for travel and it's super convenient :)

  2. I think I'm the only person in the south that doesn't drink iced tea on the regular. When I drink tea it's hot, and with cream and sugar. Or splenda haha. Love yoga pants!