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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Loving Others at Target

This is not my normal post but it is something that has been on my mind lately. We've all seen the controversy lately with Target as they have now changed their bathroom policies in store on April 19th to allow transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. Most have a strong opinion one way or the other, some so strong they are boycotting the store and others spending even more time at Target. This post is not to make anyone mad, irritated or to influence others to think my opinion is the right way to think...it is just simply my thoughts on the whole scandal. 

I have seen more news articles, public posts, Facebook posts, etc on this topic than I care to read. I know, I know and here I am sharing another post but I just couldn't not share my thoughts. Take it for what it is and agree to disagree if you will but here it is.
Things I just don't understand, not only as an individual but as a Christian, in the way the mainstream world is reacting to the new policy. People are up in arms about how dangerous and "wrong" this policy is. I realize I am not a mom, and in no way do I pretend to know how it feels to be a mom, but why are parents so upset by this? Aren't transgenders everywhere? Do we boycott parks, restaurants, airports, post offices, grocery stores and so on? Because all of those places transgenders are there and could be right next to your child or yourself. Yes, I understand that the bathroom is a little more private and what if your child sees a body part that they are not used to seeing? However, it is just as likely to happen at parks and playgrounds. Protect your child in Target just as you would at any other public place. Go to the bathroom with your child or send in a friend or sibling if you can't go in. If you are really uncomfortable use the family restroom. This allows you to all go in as a family with a lock on the door. This is a great option!  

Now, with that being said. Why is it our place to judge transgenders? I am a christian and a believer and I can't help to think how many 'non-transgenders' have hurt many children. People in churches, not Target! If someone is a pedophile or a pervert do you think they care about Target's new policy? No. Those people do not care about their surroundings or store policies they will find a way to get to unattended children, as sad as that is. Who are we to jump to conclusion just because a man became a 'woman'? Aren't we to love everyone as Christ did us? Shouldn't we make those feel belonged and loved as Jesus did for us? ANYONE can hurt children, lets not be quick to judge those of different change.

As far as the boycotting...I get it, I really do. Standing up for your rights, but is it really our rights? A privately owned company with a new policy set in place. All we are doing as Christians is showing hate and the right of ours to fight publicly. If you choose to not support Target then that is fine and to each their own but publicly smashing it in transgenders faces is not the right way in going about it. And remember, those of you boycotting...this counts online shopping at Target too. They don't care how they get your money...just remember that this leaves you shopping at Walmart. This only leaves me more adorable items in the dollar spot, can't resist marked clearance items and all the too cute for words shoes, sundresses, pineapple candles, jewelry. If you are really wanting to fight back against the ban of accepting transgenders then you'll also need to get off your iPhone and Facebook as they both support. Along with a huge list of other companies that are bound to support something we don't agree with. Maybe it is time we love instead of shamming. That is all.
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  1. Just don't go to the bathroom. I'm with you on this. It didn't change my views on Target. This has caused such an outage when that passion could be used positivity. Presidential race, teacher pay, state Medicaid budget cuts. But bathrooms is our current priority.