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Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend with the Moms

Welp it's Monday again, sigh. This weekend was super productive but also very enjoyable. I spent Friday evening and Saturday trying to get our house in order and cleaned and then spent the better part of Saturday evening baking and cooking to prepare for Mother's Day celebrations. 

Sunday after church Kyle and I rushed back home to grab all the cakes and delicious side dishes I had made for both of our mom's lunch and dinner and grabbed Haddock too. My family decided to spend the afternoon with my mom at the park having a picnic. It was so fun despite the wind! It was seriously probably twenty mph and we spent a lot of time keeping everything from blowing away but it was still a great day! My little sister brought her dog baby too so her and Haddock had fun running the park. We played catch, my niece and nephew Jada and Trey came to see us and we just enjoyed the day with my mom!

Afterwards we headed to Kyle's parent's house where my brother in law and I made dinner for everyone. It was delicious and it was nice to just relax and out of the wind for this celebration! I sadly forgot to take any pictures while we were there but I guess we were just having too much to think about the camera!

I am so very thankful and appreciative of my mom as well as my mother in law! God could not have given me any better of a mom and he certainly blessed me with a great mother in law as well! I love them both and mom and Leslie I hope you both felt special, loved and appreciated this weekend!

{Photo dump of our picnic in the wind!}



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  1. Sounds like a great weekend spent with family! Hope your week treats you well!!