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Monday, December 8, 2014

Recapping the Weekend & Memories Made in Norman

The sun is shinning here in Oklahoma today for the first time this month and it sure is helping with the Monday blues. This weekend was a great weekend spent in Edmond. I got a little bit of Christmas shopping done, got to see one of my best friends and puppy and ended the regular OU season at a home game. Unfortunately we fell short and lost to our state rival, Oklahoma State. Such a disappointment to lose to not only OSU but at home. The weather for the game was very dreary. It was a cold, misty and foggy afternoon and evening, especially after the loss. Being such a big fan of course I was upset but since we have a had such an awful season this year it wasn't that bad. It would have stung way more if we would've been ending a great season. Anyways, we lost and it sucked and here we come Russell Athletic bowl....HA!
 We happened to run into my friend Jennifer at the game, so good to see you girl! Still love her even if she is a Pokes fan.

The season might be over but all the memories of this season are still lingering. I had a lot of fun at all the games this year and on campus corner in Norman. I love to share my tickets with friends and family and let everyone enjoy it with me. Despite being an 8-4 team (Ah that sounds so bad) it was still a lot of fun! Boomer Sooner and see you again in August, Norman!

Of course I can't not share at least one picture of Bleeker. He is the most adorable dog ever! Ignore the awful no makeup part of me and focus on his cuteness!

Now, that it is Monday I am starting to prepare for a Christmas get together at my house that I'm hosting on Wednesday evening. I'm putting together my to-do list for the party and trying to think of fun and festive appetizers. Do you guys have any fun app ideas? Have a great week y'all!

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  1. Looks like fun! Sorry your team lost, I feel your pain since I'm a Gators fan! ;) There's always next year, right??

    We just did a party this weekend and I did a really simple app that everyone liked, it was just grapes and cheese but arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree! It was really cute and really simple, I got the idea from Pinterest of course!

  2. I feel your pain on the loss since like Julia I'm a gators fan!!! Hope you have a great Monday!!